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» MSentinel

Rating: 4/5
Summary: MSentinel is a reminder software for missed calls, sms, mms, emails, voice mail and tasks

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6+, QVGA support

Arrived: Mar 23, 2010
Found under: reminder, sms, calls, mms, tasks, emails, voice mail, vibration, polish

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» MSentinel Description

MSentinel checks for any:
- missed calls,
- unread SMS/MMS,
- unread emails
- missed voice mails
- 'missed' tasks and calendar reminders, and notifies about that by sound and/or vibration.

You can specify the time period of checking, time when the sound should be played (I don't want to be disturbed at night). You can also decide if the screen should be switched off after notification.
From the version 2.2 you can decide if the notification should be executed when the devices is 'full ON'.

After checking application leaves the device in the state that was before checking (if it was 'on' state - it will be the same after checking; if it was 'stand by' state - it will be the same after checking).

Language: Polish, English, Russian, German
If you want to add a new translation you can make a copy of 'English.lng' file, rename it to 'YourLanguageName.lng' and edit the strings. Save it using UTF-8 charset.

Changes history:
version 2.6
+ new option: ignore system volume
-----> if selected the sound file and/or vibration will be always executed;
-----> if not selected and system volume is set to 'silent' nothing will be executed;
-----> if not selected and system volume is set to 'vibrate' and vibrate option is selected - vibration will be executed
+ new translations: Czech, Chinese Traditional
+ improved installer
+ log mode now selectable in GUI
+ handled differences in the names of registry system keys between WM versions
* fixed the issue with not giving any notifications after soft reset
* fixed the issue with occasionally slowing down the system on some devices (MPlayer.exe staying in memory)
* changed 'Select sound file' dialog
* replaced color picker - better support for different resolutions
* some other bugs fixed

version 2.53 beta
* some bugs fixed

version 2.52 beta
* disabled notification during the active phone call

version 2.51 beta
+ 'silence' and 'vibrate' mode support - if 'Change volume' is checked the sound will be played also when the device is in 'silence' or 'vibrate' mode
* fix for notification checking

version 2.5
+ improved power saving features - your batter will feel the real difference ;-)
+ new notification - blinking lights
+ new option - max number of notifications - after exceeding this limit no notification will be executed
+ improved time selection for notification executing - now you can set it e.g. from 23:00 to 07:00
+ new translation: Italian
* fixed vibration id saving
* fixed installer for WM5

version 2.4
+ new sound engine, it should now work with WM5 correctly
+ support for new sound formats: MP3, MP2, OGG, MOD, S3M, XM, IT
+ vibration led id selection
+ new translations: Dutch, French, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
* fixed the time selection warning

version 2.3
+ vibration option added
+ German translation added


the MSentinel free for Pocket PC

Made by: Homar

» Comments

Fri-29-Jul at 3:08 pm
grauliere wrote...
very good! on htc hd mini thank'd
Thu-24-Mar at 8:12 am
FJY wrote...
Very good. Full of features like the blink screen setting. Auto run even when system restart.
Tue-28-Sep at 8:54 am
Mcomeau334 wrote...
Keyboard completly shuts off on Touch Pro2. I have to soft reset after every remind. Anyone else having this problem?
Fri-30-Jul at 7:58 am
Seik wrote...
HTC HD2 - did not work. But sounds awesome.
Sat-3-Jul at 2:26 pm
Robert wrote...
does it monitor for emails in folders other than the default one?
Sun-28-Mar at 6:52 pm
Royer wrote...
Would be a terrific app! .... if it only worked. :( Have HTC Imagio and does not work. What can I do to make it work? Let me know anyone.
Wed-13-Jan at 6:53 pm
raymond asong wrote...
excellent website with fantastic ideas
Tue-29-Dec at 2:09 pm
Dave wrote...
New Version DOES NOT fix the reported issue on the TOUCH PRO 2 where the program does not do anything ....
Fri-27-Nov at 11:54 pm
Dave wrote...
I have a SPRINT TOUCH PRO 2 and installed the latest version. It worked once and the stopped working. It does not show up ANYWHERE that it is running.. not in the notifications or start-up or anywhere.. Is that normal? how do I know it is running and what would cause it to stop running?? this is a sprint TP2 with the os 6.1 that it came with...
Wed-25-Nov at 4:01 pm
amadrids wrote...
Hello! I have Samsung Jack i637 WM 6.1 and show me error message when installing with LangInstaller.exe. After installed show me error message with MSentinelGUI.exe. It won't works on my cell? Thanks a lot.

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