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» mToday

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Switch between two today screen profiles with ease

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Aug 5, 2008
Found under: today screen, plugin, profiles

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» mToday Description
mToday is an application for you to switch between two today screen profiles to enable/disable pre-defined today plug-ins quickly and conveniently.

Installation Notes:

- Download the CAB file and transfer it to your device. Do not open the CAB file as if it is a ZIP file.
- On your device, launch your file explorer and locate the CAB file.
- Tap on the CAB file to start installation.

Usage Notes:

- Tap on the settings icon (second from the right) to go to the settings page.
- Tick the today plug-ins you wish to enable for each of the 2 profiles.
- Go the menu and save the profiles.
- In the main screen, you can click one of the 2 icons from the left to switch to profile 1 or 2.
- Alternatively, you can use the shortcuts created from the settings screen to trigger one of the profiles immediately.

- This software does not have the function to re-order the today plug-ins. You have to go to the Today settings page to re-order the today plug-ins the way you like it.
- Some of the today plug-ins do not support toggling using this software, e.g. the default Date/Time plug-in.

the mToday free for Pocket PC

Made by: Vicott Wong

» Comments

Wed-5-Aug at 11:48 am
John Greywolf wrote...
Yes it does work with the Touch 3D. I have it and it works. I just can't rename the profiles or give the shortcuts names besides standard!
Fri-5-Jun at 9:32 pm
Joshua Cummings wrote...
Does anyone know if this will work with Touchflo 3d?
Wed-18-Feb at 12:52 pm
Niek de Wit wrote...
How can I uninstall this program? I am looking for profiles for having quick access to different sound levels. And that is not what this program does. So how to uninstall? thanks guys!
Thu-13-Nov at 7:02 pm
arben wrote...
very good
Thu-25-Sep at 6:34 am
edson wrote...
Sat-9-Aug at 3:05 pm
Russian wrote...
Well, Silversand...If you are sure you have uninstalled it, And yet there is an icon that leades nowhere in your programs folder do this. Open file explorer. Goto the root of your device (My Device folder), Then go into Windows and open the folder "Start menu". Then, In Start menu, There should be a folder called "Programs" (If theres not, Im suprised your device works), go into the "Programs" and delete mToday from there
Sat-9-Aug at 1:24 am
Silversand wrote...
Yeah, this application is 'hanging' cant change into the second today screen in a split second. then i cant uninstall it. when i remove the program, the icons still remain in my programs menu. please tell me how can i uninstall this thing...
Fri-8-Aug at 8:11 am
mustafa wrote...
@JBJones, Thanks for the response, but I have another query, how do i install the tray?? At present I have an icon of my anti-Virus, how do i add more??
Thu-7-Aug at 3:31 am
JBJones wrote...
@mustafa: I think you refer to the 'systray'? It's standard for WLAN-icons and the like... (I deinstalled those links, I need the space for my Schedule ;) )
Wed-6-Aug at 10:02 pm
lilmomo wrote...
have the mogul 6800, hanging... not really fond of the program. if it was fast, and had a lot of options it would be really cool. plus I can't seem to get it uninstalled...

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