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» Multitouch Space

Rating: 3/5
Summary: The First Multi-touch Game for Single-touch devices!

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: Jun 18, 2010
Found under: multi touch, games, space, blow, shoot, fire

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» Multitouch Space Description
This is a Multi-touch game, but for Single-touch devices! (Demo version)
You can control it with two fingers and shoot by blowing in to the microphone.

See a Video

Get full version here!

- Multitouch!
- 3D Sound
- 3D View
- Fire by Blow (in to the Microphone)

the Multitouch Space free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-3-Oct at 10:40 am
youzip wrote...
a normal game
Fri-25-Feb at 1:11 pm
eric garcia wrote...
fuck this game this is big fucking lie
Mon-7-Feb at 10:54 am
guray wrote...
x,a gp@pptata
Mon-10-Jan at 6:10 am
kwon kyun mim wrote...
Wed-10-Nov at 2:07 pm
christian krauss wrote...
dont work on nova
Wed-30-Jun at 8:46 am
maria wrote...
karem you are right :d
Thu-24-Jun at 7:49 am
bobby wrote...
I say bravo for a decent tech demo. great graphics on the spaceship, mic works well with shooting, timing is well done. people if you cant take it for what it is, go make your own.
Wed-23-Jun at 2:39 pm
jignesh wrote...
Wed-23-Jun at 3:19 am
william hayden wrote...
all i get is a moving space ship that shoots at random at nothing... i cant control it by blowing in the mic lol. please dont lie about a game using multitouch. at least say its like multitouch, not actual multitouch. youll get alot of retards hopes up lol.
Tue-22-Jun at 5:33 am
Kareem wrote...
Yes, but I hate when people LIE !Makes me look as a fool when I introduce it to someone how knew its idea and says that it's just wrong named application! Fake.....

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