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» Music Blue for HTC devices

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Music Blue allow you to auto play music if a2dp connected. If also disconnect a2dp music automatic stop.

Arrived: Aug 16, 2011
Found under: bluetooth, audiomanager

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» Music Blue for HTC devices Description
I write this little gadget beacuse when turn off my bt car audio I forget to pause music before and sound will be rerouted to internal speaker of device. Also when drive my car, if radio station transmit bad music I switch on bt audio and to prevent distracttions is comfortable music auto play if connected without divert attention of drive. You can find other apps in my site Software Magic For post your feedback, question and help request visit

the Music Blue for HTC devices free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-2-Nov at 12:19 am
DuChene wrote...
This software works with any car bluetooth system? I have one CitroŽn C4 Pallas, the bluetooth system works only with phone and contacts.
Tue-6-Sep at 5:07 pm
Software Magic wrote...
xiaoqindf you are banned... now!!!
Fri-2-Sep at 9:50 am
Software Magic wrote...
If you like my software please you can click like and google +1 in my official site Thank you (Visit my site for news and other related winmobile software)
Mon-15-Aug at 10:15 am
Software Magic wrote...
@for all: Rigo007 confirmed in your device not work audiomanager. Is normal my software not work because this send command directly to audiomanager process and not play/pause device. If your device isn't HTC or in your device not work audiomanager or you have disabled audiomanager and using another music player (like s2p or windowsmedia player) my software not work. This is right because my software is developed only to work preferred device HTC Touch2 with original ROM and another devices HTC with included HTC Audio manager and Manila/Manila2d or Touchflo3d application. Please don't rate low if in your device don't work because your device not support HTC Audio Manager (like Samsung Omnia, Acer etc.) Thank you
Sat-13-Aug at 6:47 am
Software Magic wrote...
Don't forget to install, if not present in your os, .net compact framework 3.5
Sat-13-Aug at 5:02 am
Software Magic wrote...
rigo007 please contact me with email
Fri-12-Aug at 2:27 pm
rigo007 wrote...
it might be a cool application, but it doesn't work wihtout htc audio manager. So with HTC HD mini doesn't work.
Thu-11-Aug at 6:28 pm
Software Magic wrote...
i see in some case dont' work correctly and i have solved little issue. Please redownload but not from mirror, direcly from my site. If you have a question please visit and send me post in appropriate forum. Thank you

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