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» MyMotion v1.12

Rating: 4/5
Summary: GPS route recording and playback with customizable spoken feedback of speed, distance and time.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 / 6

Arrived: Oct 20, 2008
Found under: gps, record, route, playback, motion

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» MyMotion v1.12 Description
Updated to v1.12

GPS route recording and playback with customizable spoken feedback of speed, distance and time. Uses a moving map to show progress as well as textual output.

Maps can be generated from Google Earth installed on a PC using a map creation tool (1,88 MB - mirror here).

Allows user to record a route then load it up as a reference for live comparison the next time it is traversed. Optional location tracking of GPS devices with GPRS or 3G, via the web and Google Earth or Google Maps.

MyMotion v1.0 Features:

- User definable maps.
- Playback of recorded tracks.
- Zoom with base world map.
- Detailed text feedback.
- Large (customizable) summary.
- Velocity diagram with reference.
- Satellite positions shown in space.
- Satellite "trails" and 3D rotation.
- General Preferences.
- Load / Save reference tracks.
- Customizable speech feedback.
- Customizable screens.


Update Description:

- In KML file used for location upload do not include LookAt parameter so user can set from within Google Earth.

- Added "Fly To" feature to allow viewing of maps when you are in a different location.
- Improved Zoom and Pan combination.
- Remember file type after Save or Open and use it next time.

- Support Portrait and Landscape screen changes dynamically.
- Start button improvements.
- Increased max number of maps allowed.

- Added some error checking on map reading.
- Fixed a problem related to the filename used for upload.

the MyMotion v1.12 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Ian Pendlebury

» Comments

Thu-23-Sep at 12:53 am
Richard wrote...
My Motion
Sun-22-Aug at 2:49 am
MyMotion wrote...
The home page for this app has changed to:
Sun-18-Jul at 11:51 pm
o chang hun wrote...
Tue-27-Apr at 2:47 pm
crazy-oscar wrote...
will see if its work thank you
Tue-27-Apr at 2:21 pm
oscar de lao wrote...
will see if is goo thank you
Wed-16-Sep at 5:53 am
grm82uk wrote...
Awesome little app! I've been lookin about for something that can track and plot information on journeys to use with my class in school! Works a treat on the XDA Zest and I can imagine the kids at school are gonna think this is the bomb! Great work... could do with some prettying up! but really cool!
Mon-29-Jun at 4:37 am
abdallahassan wrote...
vrery good
Wed-15-Apr at 8:38 pm
JAM wrote...
I've tried several times to install this program, but it always halts my phone, an HTC Touch HD. I used activesync to install it and direct copy to the phone, installing it from there, but even so, it halts always the system. Can you help me? I supose the uninstall, doesn't remove all the program components, once after a new installation, it still says my name, before making any change, after installing again the program?
Sat-10-Jan at 2:29 pm
MyMotion wrote...
To the admin: Please add a "Made By" acknowledgment to your description above
Mon-5-Jan at 3:24 am
devraj wrote...
hello Iam having ASUS P527, I cannont download it, please give the propoer link and supporting softwares. Thank you

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