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» Nested Tasks

Rating: 3/5
Summary: It replaces all the functionality of the built-in Tasks application.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Oct 8, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Productivity, Organize, Synchronization, task, manager, outlook, sync

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» Nested Tasks Description
That's Outlook Tasks, not a "task/app manager"

It (pretty much) replaces all the functionality of the built-in Tasks application. It adds the ability to nest tasks under one another

Based entirely on properties of the built-in Tasks - will sync with Exchange/Outlook, and requires no importing of Tasks


Copy the file to your device
Run it

General Usage:

On first use no Tasks will be nested (obviously)
Tap-and-hold on an item to be nested (the "Child"), choose Cut from the context menu
Tap-and-hold on an item to become the "Parent", choose Paste Here

Nested Tasks Features:

- Cut and Paste tasks to create nesting
- Add new, edit and Delete tasks
- Copy tasks to create duplicates
- View and set task Priority from the menu
- Complete or Activate Tasks with the checkboxes

It replaces all the functionality of the built-in Tasks application.

the Nested Tasks free for Pocket PC

Made by: Chucky Egg

» Comments

Tue-6-Sep at 5:18 pm
mortlocl wrote...
sometimes the order of sub tasks gets jumbled up the next time I use it
Mon-28-Mar at 3:32 pm
Rob James wrote...
this app is very useful - easy to use on my htc hd2and much more finger friendly than similar apps
Tue-22-Jun at 4:58 am
GrayPapa wrote...
Excellent on HTC HD2 OK~!!
Tue-22-Jun at 4:55 am
GrayPapa wrote...
Very Simple & Nice~..
Sat-8-May at 2:26 am
Tailor wrote...
There is lot of better than this..
Sat-30-Jan at 4:16 pm
Juraj Bohus wrote...
Very nice applicattion. Sorting by due date and filtering by cattegory would be great. thanks. diamond.
Wed-18-Nov at 8:19 pm
to be wrote...
needs each task has progress bar that shows how much task has completed.
Thu-15-Oct at 9:20 am
William wrote...
Very nice. This works well. I have two minor issues: (1) I cannot seem to sort tasks any way other than alphabetical (by due date would be better) and (2) it shows tasks that haven't started yet. It would be nice to hide these. Much thanks for this app. HTC Touch Pro
Thu-8-Oct at 11:25 pm
Scooby wrote...
Excellent on HTC Touch HD, picked up the tasks nicely from standard App and easy to use.
Thu-8-Oct at 6:44 pm
norbi wrote...
installed... canīt find it in teh programs list. HTC Touch Cruise. Followed instructions on a task, but not as expected.

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