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» NoniGPSPlot

Rating: 5/5
Summary: NoniGPSPlot allows you to locate you position in relation with other GPS points, to see the journey you have travelled. You can find back your place at harbour after a trip on boat, start point of an excursion, your car in a huge carpark, and much more.

* Windows Mobile 2003 and later
* Windows Mobile 5.0
* Windows Mobile 6
* ARM/XScale Processors

Arrived: Apr 5, 2009
Found under: GPS, navigation, Maps

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» NoniGPSPlot Description
Updated to v2.80

NoniGPSPlot allows you to locate your position in relation with other GPS points, to see the journey you have traveled.

You can find back your place at harbour after a trip on boat, the starting point of an excursion or locate your car in a huge car park, A place of which you know the location, To see the excursion you made, Speed trap alert or lots of other things...

Tracks and saved points can be exported to GoogleEarth and to GPX standard.

Put your old tracks in the background with a system of tracing,
Put maps in the background (moving map),
And those can be downloaded directly from Internet if you have an access to Internet on your PDA (GoogleMap maps, YahooMap, VirtualEarth and some layers of OpenStreetMap). Display a graph of altitude, speed or signal level.

You can find a tutorial on installation and setup here.

Update Description:

- Download maps from Internet.
- Address search from Internet.
- Saving type 'history' of the track.
- New type of points (Secondary).
- Internal optimizations for maps rendering.
- Lot of bugs and less.
- Other small things.

the NoniGPSPlot free for Pocket PC

Made by: Noni

» Comments

Tue-3-May at 11:44 pm
TOMAS SOTO wrote...
It works very well in my HTC Touch Pro 2. Its a great application. I like a lot this software. Congratulations, Mr, Noni.
Fri-4-Mar at 1:55 am
Bruno wrote...
One of the best map and GPS tracking software. Could be the best app if a routing capability could be implemented using OSM or Google maps.
Sat-19-Feb at 6:46 am
Andre wrote...
Truly the worst or one of the worst windows apps out there. terrible visual clunky userbility. app doesnt even work. i got rid within 3min of install. rubbish
Fri-11-Feb at 5:08 am
Bruno wrote...
Newest version is 3.02...
Sat-11-Sep at 5:15 pm
sebego wrote...
pas grand chose c'est genial
Sun-29-Aug at 6:13 pm
Mark Kirvin wrote...
App downloaded but did not run on my htc hd2........thanx.
Mon-12-Apr at 4:12 pm
americo wrote...
it is essential! tanks noni
Fri-9-Apr at 1:58 am
Greg wrote...
So far, the best I've tried and totally free! The UI is ugly and cost one star else, it would be worth the perfect 5 stars.
Sat-3-Apr at 3:42 am
AnAmerican wrote...
I'm not a big fan of this app. It does what it says it does. What I'd like is an app for hiking to map the trails. For example: I tell the app to take a gps reading and I name the point and the trail name. After collecting points, I can output a map of the points(tiff,png) and using Gimp or whatever I can print the map.
Sat-20-Mar at 3:54 am
PierreG55555 wrote...
Excellent soft ! This app is the one finding the fastest GPS Fix on my mio, my HTC TCruise, and my HTC TPro2. I found on internet the format of the GPS log to export it to excel. Really usefull !

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