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» Notepad Mobile

Rating: 4/5
Summary: This is a simple, professional and fast-loading text editor for Windows Mobile based devices. It allows you to open text (and all other text based) files and supports important features like zooming, fullscreen, find-and-replace and many others.

- Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 - DOTNET CF 2.0 or above - Supports all screen resolutions.

Arrived: Sep 1, 2009
Found under: notepad, text, editor

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» Notepad Mobile Description

Notepad Mobile Text Editor

Version 1.6

This is a simple and fast-loading text editor for Windows Mobile. It allows you to open text (and all other text based) files and supports important features like zooming, fullscreen, find-and-replace and many others.

Why use Notepad Mobile?

There are many alternatives of Notepad Mobile. But if you are looking for stable, hassle-free, low on memory usage, fast to load text editor… Notepad Mobile is your answer.

The application has been developed keeping in mind what Microsoft would have done if it designed a Notepad for Mobile. It would also have had been basic, fast to load and pure text editor.

Thumbs-up Over 11870 downloads within a month of its release!

Product Features


Product Website and More Information

For more details, documentation and screenshots, visit Notepad Mobile product page at

Older Version:

Alternate Download Link:

Development Forum:

the Notepad Mobile free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-3-Aug at 5:38 pm
Jon G wrote...
Trying to download notepade mobile?
Tue-8-Dec at 10:30 pm
Jeff wrote...
Thank you very much.
Sun-13-Sep at 4:55 am
Shamasis Bhattacharya wrote...
For instruction on installation, visit: The close-button crashing issue is due to .NET CF 3.5 and I am looking into a workaround. Refer by Gerry:
Wed-9-Sep at 4:19 pm
MrChicken wrote...
I get the message "Notepad.exe has stopped working" with a Close Program button. What do I do?
Wed-9-Sep at 3:52 pm
MrChicken wrote...
I couldn't get this to install to my T-Mobile Dash using Windows Vista and windows Mobile Device Center
Mon-31-Aug at 5:57 pm
Gerry wrote...
slawulko, "bmp format"?? That's for image files! ;-)
Mon-31-Aug at 5:18 pm
Kai wrote...
guys, click download and it will take you to a place that has the download then mobile download below those are the author's name and his site, visit his site.
Sun-30-Aug at 5:15 pm
slawulko wrote...
This is very very good notepad. You can save in bmp format.
Sun-30-Aug at 7:29 am
Dynke wrote...
Has helpd me read txts easily on my QVGA mobi. Read fullscreen dets at
Thu-27-Aug at 3:27 pm
Gerry wrote...
I highly recommend this editor, but as reported by others, and as usual for, the download link isn't working properly. Download it at the author's site, by all means!

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