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» NotepadWS

Rating: 5/5
Summary: NotepadWS is a notepad-like application with TABS feature and some interesting tools such as the WEB SEARCH.

- Windows Mobile (PPC) 5.0 or higher
- Touchscreen VGA or WVGA resolution (640x480 pixels or higher)
- .NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Nov 3, 2010
Found under: text, notepad, tools, editor, search, documents

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» NotepadWS Description
NotepadWS ver 2.56

NotepadWS is a notepad-like application with TABS feature and some interesting tools such as the WEB SEARCH.

The Web Search (context menu) allows you to get google, wiki or dictionary contents about the word or text selected from NotepadWS, it could be a good way to perform your search quickly and easily!

* Edit up to four different text files in the same session.
* Switch from one tab to another with just one click.
* Ability to add or remove tool bars at any time.
* Configure each tab separately.
* Online search of selected word or text; google search, wiki search, dictionary.
ver 2.0
* Open file and Save file dialogs completely redesigned to be useful and finger-friendly
* Settings page added
ver 2.56
* Word-wrap options added
* Max file size supported increased
* File association works propely
* Copy and paste between different tabs added
* Cmd ExitAll added
* Single click option added
* File and Folder Shortcuts feature added
* Start folder option added (if left blank, the folder of last file used is taken)
* Font and colors customization tool added
* Ability to setup and save the properties of each tab (font, colors, start folder, etc)
* Tab character feature added
ver 2.57
* Overwrite related bug fixed
* Read-only related bug fixed
ver 2.7
* External clipboard functions added

Hope you enjoy!

the NotepadWS free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-27-Nov at 8:47 am
Hirt Richard wrote...
V2.7 essayé sur htc HD en wm 6.1 Prometteur mais pr moi c'est une version 0.7: c'est bien de pouvoir modifier la font mais cela concerne tout le document. Impossible de faire ressortir quoique ce soit !! De mm pr la couleur du fond qui de plus n'est pas sauvegardé...
Fri-19-Nov at 2:18 pm
Dimitri wrote...
great app
Thu-16-Sep at 4:56 pm
Textaholic wrote...
Works great, but two important functions are missing: 1) No "Select All Text" on the context menu. 2) The Copy/Cut/Paste commands in the context menu work only within the editor, as NotepadWS seems to be using its own internal clipboard. If your keyboard doesn't have special Copy/Cut/Paste keys, or at least a Ctrl key, you can't use the native clipboard for transferring text between NotepadWS and external apps. Faster startup would also be nice, but this doesn't seem likely in a .NET CF 3.5 app.
Thu-16-Sep at 1:25 am
guy pooki wrote...
Someone needs to create a WM app that duplicates the old PalmOS Memo app... The key feature is managing a group of memos (could be files with text notes), but where you can initiate a string search through these memos and the app finds all the memos that have that string and with a tap puts you right into that memo where you can edit/view that text. So far, no WM notepad app does this, (except possibly Tombo). The WM builtin Search app is horrible and slow and doesn't actually know how to put you into a particular note AT THE RIGHT PLACE.
Wed-1-Sep at 2:16 pm
Anatoly Kryukov wrote...
Good app for notepad, maybe the best app.
Fri-20-Aug at 2:31 am
grattitude wrote...
guys b aware its nt 4 qvga display
Sat-14-Aug at 4:45 pm
Brian Pearson wrote...
Very good app, works fine on HTC TP2
Sat-7-Aug at 10:01 am
Amina Musa wrote...
this application is awesome,it added more intrestings tools to my mobile.thank you
Thu-29-Jul at 6:18 pm
Gerry wrote...
Yes, NotepadWS has some bugs, but also some great advantages, one of which is that it can manage very large text files. I just opened a 1 mb. TXT file -- a complete novel -- and the program divided it into 23 sections of 50kb each. Tapping the big number indicator at the top right allows one section to be opened after the other. The whole file can be edited, and the sections are put back together when the file is saved. Ingenious! A few bug fixes will make this program perfect!
Thu-29-Jul at 2:35 pm
A. Nudnik wrote...
Works very well, but it still needs some serious debugging. After editing a file, if you have shortened it and you choose to overwrite the original when you save it, you'll find junk at the bottom next time you open it. Works OK if you save it under a new name, however. Also, opening a file that has the read-only attribute will immediately crash the program, even if you only wanted to open the file to read without editing it.

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