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» nueClockControl

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: nueClockControl allows you to change the clock speed of your Touch Pro or Touch Diamond

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Apr 21, 2009
Found under: Utilites, hacks, clock, processor, control

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» nueClockControl Description
nueClockControl allows you to change the clock speed of your Touch Pro or Touch Diamond.

This version is now known to be working on both GSM and CDMA devices.

Although overclocking is not possible yet, you can set the frequency of the ARM11 core to the preset ranges between 19.20 MHz and 528.0 MHz. Note that Device Information always displays 528.0 MHz, so you should use nueClockControl to gauge your current device frequency.

There is also a command line mode:

nueClockControl.exe setting
where setting is a number from 0-7, corresponding to frequencies in the combobox. 7 is 528.00 MHz and 0 is 19.20 MHz.

the nueClockControl free for Pocket PC

Made by: Wei Enterprises

» Comments

Fri-9-Oct at 2:02 pm
chris wrote...
Hi can some one tell me how to instill this?
Mon-29-Jun at 4:15 pm
Joeb wrote...
Did not work on my pocket pc
Sun-14-Jun at 11:59 pm
indiesce wrote...
Hi, is it work for htc touch dual?
Tue-5-May at 3:58 pm wrote...
The version 1.0 works only here on mine HD. But it ROCKS!
Tue-5-May at 3:51 pm
eee wrote...
Please make it dynamic so it underclocks automatically whenever processor power is not needed and moves higher frequency when power is required!
Tue-28-Apr at 9:00 am
Bryangopan wrote...
Always use to use battery config for my old p3400 was waiting for some one to develope some thing for touch diamond ... but hey do we really need a faster proc .. any thing over 500 mghz is great ...
Thu-23-Apr at 12:26 am
carlos wrote...
ok so far my diamond is a little faster doesn't over heat the life of the battery seems normal . does not work on mogul ppl
Wed-22-Apr at 11:16 pm
mytheory wrote...
that's a realy nice program... fist its give a nostalgia of old phone, than it give you a better battery life time...and with a kitchenROM...its so good
Wed-22-Apr at 5:03 pm
chris wrote...
It's if you aren't going to be using your phone as much for a period of time, and want to under-clock it to save a DRASTIC amount of battery life, as opposed to turning the phone off. Since turning the phone off would stop any calls or text messages from coming in, and you can't turn off most ppc devices, just the antennae.
Wed-22-Apr at 3:11 pm
Brutis wrote...
Why would anyone want to underclock any device? so its slower and less useful?

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