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» nueDynamicClock 1.3

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Change the clock speed of your device

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Sep 23, 2009
Found under: System, Utilities, clock, hack, overclock

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» nueDynamicClock 1.3 Description
nueDynamicClock allows you to change the clock speed of your Touch Pro or Touch Diamond based on certain parameters.

This version is now known to be compatible with the CDMA Touch Pro, CDMA Touch Diamond, CDMA Titan (Mogul), CDMA Vogue, GSM Touch Pro (Fuze), GSM Touch Diamond, GSM Touch HD (Blackstone), GSM Kaiser (Tilt), GSM Xperia X1, GSM Polaris

the nueDynamicClock 1.3 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Saijo

» Comments

Mon-26-Apr at 5:04 pm
Steve R wrote...
Please do not slate this author due to your own ignorance. I use some of his earlier software on my tytn2 and I have gained an extra 4 days on standby. Visit the website and read and learn. Saijo keep up the good work.
Thu-26-Nov at 10:47 am
Panait Lupoiu wrote...
I installed the app on HTC Touch, No difference
Thu-1-Oct at 11:32 am
JHW549 wrote...
@Dieter This is a piece of software from no2chem, I've been using no2chem's software for quite a while now and I HIGHLY doubt that anything designed by this person would do anything remotely harmful. If you want to investigate for yourself the originating website is
Fri-25-Sep at 1:59 am
Dieter wrote...
I installed this app and when I scanned my device with kaspersky mobile security it showed that this is a virus which steals your personal data when active.
Thu-24-Sep at 8:48 am
JHW549 wrote...
The point of this app is to reduce processor speed which directly correlates to power consumption... Translation: It'll save juice, and lots of it...
Thu-24-Sep at 3:00 am
amb123 wrote...
Freezes Omnia I900
Wed-23-Sep at 11:46 pm
Pradeep wrote...
bloody shit, useless software, I don't think that anyonewill use this software.
Wed-23-Sep at 6:14 pm
Josh wrote...
Can someone explain what this program does besides change the speed that the phone processes stuff? Or does it even do that? Is it supposed to help out battery life?
Wed-23-Sep at 4:26 pm
Secretary of Everything wrote...
that's all there's to it? gah!
Wed-23-Sep at 4:03 pm
wieger wrote...
Use it with my SE x1 for a while now ad it works indeed. Great piece of sorfware

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