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» OBDTrip

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Summary: OBDTrip is a Windows mobile trip computer application. It connects to your vehicle's computer, monitors data and calculates fuel economy, CO2 emissions and useful trip data.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: Nov 30, 2011
Found under: obd2, obd ii, obd-ii, ecu, fuel economy, fuel efficiency, trip computer, speed, rpm, torque, co2, co2 emissions, mpg, trip

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» OBDTrip Description
OBDTrip is a Windows mobile trip computer application! It connects to your vehicle's computer, monitors data and calculates fuel economy, CO2 emissions and useful trip data.

OBDTrip uses the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) data communication type which is common for all the vehicles manufactured after year 2000 in most of the countries. Some vehicle manufacturers have implemented the OBD II protocol even before 2000, for example some Fords are equipped with it from 1996. This type of communication has various different protocols, however OBDTrip is able to communicate with all of them. For the communication with the car's ECU, OBDTrip requires a Bluetooth or serial port OBD II scanner. If you do not have a tool like that, please look at the links on the right of the page where you can find such tools on the internet either in e-shops or through e-bay.

OBDTrip has the following features:

Time started (For trip)
Trip duration
Distance Travelled (km or miles)
Average speed (km/h or miles/h)
Instant fuel consumption (Lt/100km, MPG (US or UK)
Average fuel consumption (Lt/100km, MPG (US or UK)
Fuel consumed (Lt or Gallons)
Fuel Cost (In real time)
Fuel remaining (Lt or Gallons)
Range (km or miles)
Instant CO2 emissions (g/km)
Average CO2 emissions (g/km)
Total trip CO2 emissions (kg) (Carbon footprint)
Arrival time
Remaining Distance (km or miles)
Economy Indicator (Green, Yellow, Red), automatically adjustable
Rercord data to excel spreadsheet for later analysis

the OBDTrip free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Fri-6-Jan at 5:25 am
Listener wrote...
TO THOSE MANAGED TO RUN THIS PROGM: I have a Seat/VW car. Ross-Tech Hex-Can USB cable which I use with my laptop fine. Tried to connect to my WM6.5 Samsung phone and not sure what COM port to chose, doesnt show USB port. none seem to work...and looks like it asks to register and buy also. Anyone knows how to do this working properly ? Thank you
Thu-8-Dec at 8:08 am
MasterGadgets wrote...
Tue-6-Dec at 8:22 am
TomeK wrote...
Ok :)
Mon-5-Dec at 11:43 am
Nitroking wrote...
Dear TomeK please send a screenshot to the support email of OBDTrip. Thank you
Mon-5-Dec at 11:26 am
TomeK wrote...
It is also for vga? Because on my htc touch pro shows wrong 2 last tabs ;/

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