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» Personal PPC Wiki

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Summary: Personal PPC Wiki is a wiki for your Phone, PDA or other device that runs Windows Mobile 5 or 6.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Feb 5, 2009
Found under: docs, text, text editor, wiki, organizer

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» Personal PPC Wiki Description
Why create yet another Wiki? Well that's quite simple really. I was using Blade Wiki but it just didn't have the features i wanted. So using that as a guide I created Personal PPC Wiki.

* I wanted to be able to organize all my data both personal and work related. And Wiki's are a great way to organise your information.
* A Personal wiki is exactly that, its not a wiki that is accessible to the general public, although you could share your data if you wish.
* The syntax is simple to learn and doesn't get in the way of typing your thoughts.
* I'm not always online, so a hosted Wiki was not the answer to my problems and I need my information all the time.

Features List

* Table Both simple and complex. Having header cells, cell merging, text justification.
* All files stored in simple text files.
* Name spaces for organization of files
* Insert Contents list.
* Insert Backlinks Table
* Notes plugin
* Take Photos from withing PPPCWiki and save them into the current page.
* Create free hand drawings and save them into the current page.
* Encrypt parts of a page.
* Include other wiki pages into the current page.
* Modify the apperance of each wiki via CSS file.
* Link to other files like PDF, MPG, MP3 Etc. to be loaded by the respective program.
* Simple SQL lookups.


Wow the uses for a Personal Wiki are endless! Here is what I use my Wiki for.

At Work

* Customer Lists.
* Product Lists complete with pictures.
* Daily Diary.
* Product Manuals.
* Instruction Manuals.

Then I link them all together and I can see when I have been to a particular customer, what products that customer has used in the past. How to operate or program that product.

At Home

* Family and friends contact lists
* Christmas card lists
* Banking details
* Credit card numbers
* Tax file numbers (Lost count of how many times my kids have rung me to ask for that one)
* Vehicle maintenance log
* Blogs of my Holidays complete with pictures

Screenshots here

the Personal PPC Wiki free for Pocket PC

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