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» Phone Creeper

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Espionage Suite for windows mobile phones

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Oct 14, 2009
Found under: tools, system utilities, spy, remote control

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» Phone Creeper Description
Phone Creeper is a program that lets you spy on another Windows Mobile device. When you install it on a different device, you will have the power to control many different commands. Itís brought to our attention just how powerful, yet vulnerable our devices can be. To put a positive spin on it, you could also put this on your own device if youíre worried about losing or getting it stolen.

Some features (see devís site for full features):

- Retrieve call history/log
- Receive call log
- Turn on Ringer (and loud)
- Lock device
- Receive live SMS notifications
- Run a program
- Add/remove call blocking
- Get/delete contact
- Get/delete appointments/tasks
- Get/delete SMS
- Wipe storage card
- Get GPS Location

How to use it instructions here

please be aware of your local and state laws on spying on people and seriously think about what you are doing if you use this app.

the Phone Creeper free for Pocket PC

Made by: Chetstriker

» Comments

Fri-30-Jul at 3:17 pm
tamie foss wrote...
i havent even tried it yet... but i will let you know
Tue-26-Jan at 6:00 pm
sakerachkar wrote...
Tue-12-Jan at 7:31 am
sorincanon wrote...
I instal thi app for ppc and work well for me and for my purpose :)
Thu-31-Dec at 12:55 pm
Dhiren wrote...
The most interesting part of the software it's free and very useful. But I have found few things quite odd and buggy. Even 0.8b is very much battery hungry. Even after uninstalling, old logs are as is../ Even del command for sent/receive msg log shows success, but still it shows in log../ Waiting for new version... Rgds, Dhiren
Thu-5-Nov at 11:27 am
tokyomachine wrote...
Very Suspicious. Look at its guts/code from a really safe not install
Sat-31-Oct at 12:38 pm
Senax wrote...
Marvelous program! It's good to know it can B done! It's good to know the developer is making software to detect 'suspicious behavior'! Get it here; Thank you Chetstriker!!
Sun-18-Oct at 2:57 pm
lazydazed wrote...
ppl u dont necessarly have to put this on "your phone" ;) i know i didnt...1
Sat-17-Oct at 2:32 am
viper wrote...
does this app have a working acr!/microwave????????????????????????
Fri-16-Oct at 4:46 pm
Mike Payter wrote...
i'm not gonna put this on my device, sounds too much like spyware for ppc! it's like giving permission for all your data to be stolen!!! !!!!BE CAREFUL!!!!
Fri-16-Oct at 9:40 am
ayfkm wrote...
If you install this you are just asking to get hacked. Lets see how quickly your info gets stolen. Hope you don't store any account info on your storage card.

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