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» Pigeon v1.2.2.3

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Pigeon is a new ICQ/GTalk/Jabber client which is designed for comfortable and enjoyable usage on almost any device

Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Phone/Smartphone 5 ,Windows Mobile Professional/Standard 6 and 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5 for the WinCE or desktop versions visit

Arrived: Sep 23, 2009
Found under: chat, im, icq, client, diamond

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» Pigeon v1.2.2.3 Description
Updated version 1.2.2.X

Pigeon is a new ICQ/GTalk/Jabber client which is designed for comfortable and enjoyable usage on almost any device

PIGEON! Features:

- Finger-oriented interface which brings the comfort into messaging so that you may use it on the run.
- PIGEON! shows ultimate performance even on the devices with modest configuration.
- Works perfectly on all screen resolutions
- Supports downloadable resources such as color schemes and downloadable smiley packs.
- Supports App2Date.
- NOTE: The ALPHA testing versions are available at
- Is translated into English, Russian, German, Czech and Chinese so that you may use it in your native language.
- You may use multiple accounts simultaneously.

the Pigeon v1.2.2.3 free for Pocket PC

Made by: getbest

» Comments

Wed-28-Dec at 5:09 am
martinyk wrote...
i am just wondering why such a nice program is not listed in omarket. i was looking for this long time and found it only on the website.
Sun-27-Jun at 2:54 am
narendra wrote...
its really nice
Wed-13-Jan at 11:18 am
bhabani wrote...
it is a great application
Sun-13-Dec at 8:33 am
Roderick wrote...
I agree whole-heartedly with you on that issue, Kirk.
Sun-22-Nov at 11:05 am
Kirk wrote...
Why use Windows Moble? - It's Windows, you know how to use it - More apps probably than any other platform - Tightest integration with your Windows computer and MS Office - Removable battery and storage, i.e. iPhone - enternally useful Copy and Paste not an afterthought, i.e. iPhone - High resolution screens, 480 X 800 pixels, available - Frequently upgradable OS, WM 6.5 now, WM 7 soon - UIs like SPT Moblie and Touch Flo - .NET Framework support, largest development platform Many more reasons to use Windows Mobile, too bad the cell companies don't promote the platform.
Tue-9-Jun at 12:29 pm
Thias wrote...
so, you have App2Date Support? This is really nice! You should write it here as a feature ... I think there are a lot of app2date users out there ;) keep up this great app!
Wed-3-Jun at 11:09 pm
Virtual Projects wrote...
lol, people still use Windows Mobile :p
Wed-3-Jun at 7:04 pm
Feyerman wrote...
People still use ICQ WOW! Wonder if I can find my old ICQ number
Wed-3-Jun at 2:59 pm
Virtual Projects wrote...
Hey, Kai, we are working on that. :)
Wed-3-Jun at 2:50 pm
Kai wrote...
also,@ roflol, pigeons were once used as messengers that's why some im apps might use the name >.> who's teh nub now. i'd still rather use palringo though.

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