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» PIM Organizer

Rating: 4/5
Summary: This is an all-in-one PIM application for Windows Mobil PDAs.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jun 24, 2009
Found under: Utilities, Backup, sync, Synchronizaiton, restore,

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» PIM Organizer Description
PIM Organizer is an all-in-one PIM application for Windows Mobil PDAs. SMS Tone, Reply, Forward, Store, Hide, Unhide, Backup, Restore, Encrypt, Export, Decrypt, Blacklist, Whitelist. Contact, Task, Calendar Backup/Restore, Export.

Please check the developer site for detailed info !

- Message Rules (Automatic Functions)
- Backup (Manage Backup Rules)
- Blacklist (Manage Blacklist Rules)
- CleanUpAll (Manage CleanUpAll Rules)
- Encrypt (Manage Encrypt Rules)
- Export (Manage Export Rules)
- Forward (Manage Forward Rules)
- Hide (Manage Hide Rules)
- NoBubble (Manage NoBubble Rules)
- Reply (Manage Reply Rules)
- RunProgram (Manage RunProgram Rules)
- Store after read (Manage Store after read Rules)
- Store after receive (Manage Store after receive Rules)
- Store after send (Manage Store after send Rules)
- Tone (Manage Tone Rules)
- Whitelist (Manage Whitelist Rules)
- Encrypt (Encrypt Messages)
- Encrypt All (Encrypt all Messages)
- Encrypt by Selection (Encrypt Messages by Selection)
- Encrypt Unread (Encrypt unread Messages)
- Decrypt (Decrypt Messages)
- Decrypt All (Decrypt all Messages)
- Decrypt by Selection (Decrypt Messages by Selection)
- Decrypt Unread (Decrypt unread Messages)
- Hide (Hide Messages)
- Hide All (Hide all Messages)
- Hide by Selection (Hide Messages by Selection)
- Unhide (Unhide Messages)
- Unhide All (Unhide all Messages)
- Unhide by Selection (Unhide Messages by Selection)
- Unhide New (Unhide new Messages)
- Backup (Backup Message)
- Backup All (Backup all Messages)
- Backup by Selection (Backup Messages by Selection)
- Restore (Restore Messages)
- Restore Normal (Restore last state of Message Store)
- Restore Extra (Restore all Messages since install)
- Export (Export Messages)
- Export All (Export all Messages)
- Export by Selection (Export Messages by Selection)
- CleanUp (Delete all Messages)

- Backup (Backup all Contacts)
- Restore (Restore Contacts)
- Restore Delete (Delete all Contacts before Restore)
- Restore Add (Add only new Contacts)
- Restore Update (Add new, update existing Contacts)
- Restore Duplicate (Allow duplicates to be created)
- Export (Export all Contacts)
- CleanUp (Delete all Contacts)

- Backup (Backup all Tasks)
- Restore (Restore Tasks)
- Restore Delete (Delete all Tasks before Restore)
- Restore Add (Add only new Tasks)
- Restore Update (Add new, update existing Tasks)
- Export (Export all Tasks)
- CleanUp (Delete all Tasks)

- Backup (Backup all Appointments)
- Restore (Restore Appointments)
- Restore Delete (Delete all Appointments before Restore)
- Restore Add (Add only new Appointments)
- Restore Update (Add new, update existing Appointments)
- Export (Export all Appointments)
- CleanUp (Delete all Appointments)

- CleanUp Storage Card (Delete all Files and Directories)

- Profiles (Manage Profiles)
- Encryption Key (Change the Encryption Key)
- Output directory (Change the Output directory)

the PIM Organizer free for Pocket PC

Made by: Evolens

» Comments

Sat-14-Jan at 6:45 pm
Daylite wrote...
This app sucks butt! It appears to back up everything, the problem is restoring the info. It failed to restore saying it "fail to open." PIM Backup works like a wonder!
Thu-21-Apr at 5:23 pm
lawrence anthony wrote...
works great on my htc hd2..
Mon-27-Sep at 12:12 am
kel wrote...
This is a piece of shit!! does not do anything. waste of download!!
Sun-26-Sep at 3:51 pm
Bob wrote...
Not possible to install in it on Windows Mobile 6.0 (HTC phone)
Tue-8-Jun at 12:16 am
Steve Watkins wrote...
Excellent free application for backing up personal data - works very well on Touch HD
Mon-31-May at 5:55 am
Manny Conchinha wrote...
looks nice, but doesn't do anything
Tue-11-May at 12:05 pm
ahnjw wrote...
pimbackup is nicer
Mon-15-Feb at 7:30 am
Willis wrote...
It freezes my omnia i900. After installation it says that it was meant for previous version of windows mobile. Where else can I get this software but a working one?
Thu-4-Feb at 12:33 pm
marek wrote...
It is not. Read "about". Anyway, it does not work on my x1.
Sun-5-Jul at 2:36 am
Shekhar wrote...
OK, its running on my HTC Touch and I got the code from the website. But where do I put the startup code??

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