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» Pocket Coffee Mobile

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Well, now your device will also make coffee. And not only: cappuccino, tea, milk, hot chocolate...

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Oct 19, 2009
Found under: Misc, Other, coffee, mobile coffee, fun,

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» Pocket Coffee Mobile Description
Here is the Windows Mobile "light" version: it has no timebomb, but he coffee machine only gives two products. You can preview the full version using the Win32 version, that is full but runs only on your PC.

Click the display and select the product. Once the coffe machine has finished to pour coffe, click on the cup to display it alone and offer your friends a fresh cup of coffee. Then click again to come back to coffee machine. Click on "off" symbol on coffee machine to exit.

-short espresso, 1 cup
-short espresso, 2 cups

Other products available in full version:
-long espresso, 1 cup
-long espresso, 2 cups
-moroccan, 1 cup
-moroccan, 2 cups
-american coffee
-hot chocolate

Some sounds are from
- the cup on table sound is by bigjoedrummer
- the coffee pouring is by klankschap
- the frothing milk is by tlipfert

the Pocket Coffee Mobile free for Pocket PC

Made by: bbonzz

» Comments

Sat-2-Oct at 2:08 pm
carlos wrote...
gay as hell why would some one want this app any way I wouldn't download it
Sat-7-Aug at 7:49 am
andrew wrote...
warning don't download!!!!
Sat-22-May at 5:17 pm
nick wrote...
doesnt work on hd2 bullshit app
Wed-19-May at 10:57 am
ibrahim wrote...
htc hd2 was bricked, had to hard reset. stay away!!
Sun-14-Mar at 4:13 pm
Matthias wrote...
unable to download since two weeks now
Sun-14-Mar at 7:32 am
wacky wrote...
let's have coffee ! Very nice
Fri-12-Mar at 7:49 pm
kamsan wrote...
Tue-27-Oct at 11:46 pm
Manoj Agrawal wrote...
This is a crap. I can only see upper left side of the screen and that too oversized. It can't let me close the app too, I had to switch off my phone!!
Fri-23-Oct at 11:11 pm
Tim B wrote...
I really wanted this program but it won't display properly on my HTC Mogul. Also, did anyone else notice this program downloading a dialer? IS IT A VIRUS/SCAM?
Fri-23-Oct at 8:45 am
hannes wrote...
Does not even install on wm6.5

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