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» Pocket e-Sword

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Pocket e-Sword is a Christian Bible reader.

* Windows Mobile 2003
* Windows Mobile 2003SE
* Windows Mobile 5.0
* Windows Mobile 6

Arrived: Jun 26, 2009
Found under: bible, guide, life, reader, christian

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» Pocket e-Sword Description
Pocket e-Sword is a Christian Bible reader. The program lacks nothing from the best e-book readers: it is possible to consult a dictionary, search, compare, add bookmarks, etc. Pocket e-Sword is developed for the Microsoft Pocket PC platforms, with the coolest features being available under the newest "Windows Mobile 2003". The really cool thing about Pocket e-Sword is that you can have a complete seminary library with you wherever you go! No Bible is included, so you will need to download and install at least one of those. You may also want to download additional resources for maximum potential and enjoyment here.


* The layout is pretty straight forward. Tabs give you quick access to the different resource types, and a combobox lets you choose the specific title you want. The Bible view has a Scripture reference button to allow you to quickly navigate to any location in the Bible.
* "Compare" just has to be a choice in the Bible resource combobox! Easily compare the various translations to see how they rendered the Greek or Hebrew manuscripts.
* The Commentary view is synchronized with the Bible view. You can also browse to any other reference within the active commentary.
* Searching in Pocket e-Sword is just as simple as searching in the PC version ... just smaller.
* The Daily Devotional, Scripture Memory and Bible Reading tools will encourage you, and help you read through the Scriptures. These holy habits are a must for every Christian, and Pocket e-Sword is here to assist you in these.
* Even VGA and landscape orientation is supported if your PDA is equipped to handle it!

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the Pocket e-Sword free for Pocket PC

Made by: Rick Meyers

» Comments

Mon-23-Jul at 7:30 pm
XtraMiles wrote...
esword not functioning on htc touch pro2. somebody help me fix this problem.
Tue-1-May at 11:26 am
Zbyszko wrote...
I am going to buy Nokia Lumia 710. Could somebody tell me, please, if pocket e-sword works under OS Windows Mobile 7.5 ?
Wed-16-Feb at 9:10 pm
Hananiah Chew wrote...
I agree with Lulu 737. Interesting that this is the 400th year of the KJV, and yet, the false 'prophets' of today attempt to hijack it for their corrupted versions from THE corrupted source text.
Wed-19-Jan at 11:23 am
Lulu737 wrote...
I'm not planning to download or install this for the bible reading purpose. I have tried to find an independant bible ebook reader but I've found that the bible versions/translations do not fit my requirements. Finally, I've decided to download suitable bible text(e.g. KJV 1769 Cambridge or PCE etc.) and use ordinary eBook reader(s) to read such bible text files. I have to remind my dear brethens and sisters in LORD that the priority/choice of family of sources of manuscripts used in Greek or Hebrew is VERY IMPORTANT. Don't trust WH. Please refer to opinions of J. W. Burgon about manuscripts.
Fri-14-Jan at 3:10 pm
Anita wrote...
@beth (Aug 20, 2010)- Thanks for posting exactly what you did- it prompted me to go back and try to install it again on mobile 6.5 and it works! Thanks!
Tue-5-Oct at 7:45 pm
Rony wrote...
Esword for ipads wenesesitamos UNO de estos please
Sun-26-Sep at 3:23 pm
elvi wrote...
I keep trying to download it to my htc hd2 but not successful ... can anybody help me???
Mon-20-Sep at 12:45 pm
roland joseph dela cruz wrote...
need it for the glory of God
Wed-15-Sep at 5:06 pm
c coley wrote...
I use esword at home and at church. A great bible study tool set.
Fri-10-Sep at 5:37 pm
Jack Cory wrote...
best out there, I have it on my pc

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