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» Pocket Islam ARM/XScale 2003 & WM 5 6.6.1

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil, translation and recitation. Hadith in Arabic, Athan, Prayer table, Prayer schedule, Qibla, Moon and Hijri calendar, Islamic events & Holidays and Today Screen

This link is for ARM or Intel XScale Processors PPC 2003 and WM 5.0. MIPS or SH3 is available as well in different link. Pocket PC or later. SD or CF is optional but preferable.

Arrived: Nov 8, 2006
Found under: Religion, Today screen plugins

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» Pocket Islam ARM/XScale 2003 & WM 5 6.6.1 Description
Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil, english translation and recitation. Now you can listen while you are reading. Or listen while you are driving. Athan and recitation before the Athan even when the device is off. Also, This software contains Hadith in Arabic, Prayer table, Prayer schedule , Hijri Calendar and Hijri to Georgian conversion, Qibla according to your location and position of the sun. Furthermore, it contains lunar calendar, moon age and Islamic Holidays Added to your calendar. Finally, it support Today Screen plugig display to display the prayer time and date in Hijri and to control the Azan voice. Enjoy it and please give us your feedback for imrpovements.

To download the full mp3 audio quran for Pocket Islam to your PDA Click Here

the Pocket Islam ARM/XScale 2003 & WM 5 6.6.1 free for Pocket PC

Made by: SmartNet Wireless

» Comments

Mon-18-May at 4:32 pm
Juan wrote...
Hey jimmy...ever considered asking the doctors about getting what little mind you have removed and donated to medical science, because you are honostly the scummiest of all scum!
Sun-26-Oct at 10:27 am
basilbabu wrote...
Jimmy Z--...this is not a site to write like this.. but for others i m writing let dog bark...u piss wr ever u want..but cannot distoy quran from the mind of a muslim. bark jimmy bark
Tue-29-Apr at 1:35 pm
Dawood wrote...
would like to use, but doesn't work for WM5 on Treo phones. Jzk., for the thought!
Tue-15-Apr at 12:03 pm
Ahmed wrote...
thanks so much
Sat-15-Dec at 6:00 pm
razzor23 wrote...
semoga Allah memberi kamu hidayah wahai jimmy z =amin=
Sat-10-Nov at 6:45 am
Jimmy Z wrote...
I will drink beer and then piss on all the pages of the quran.
Mon-18-Jun at 4:24 am
imamoye wrote...
Ajib bo...
Sat-26-May at 6:42 pm
mazidi wrote...
think youverry mutch.

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