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» Pocket PC Installation Creator v2.3

Rating: 4/5
Summary: The all-in-one tool for creating installations for Windows, Windows Mobile, SmartPhone and Palm Devices. Modular architecture with plug-ins for the supported installation modules. Rapid development for all of your installation needs. Can generate cab files for Over The Air install (OTA...


Arrived: Oct 22, 2007
Found under: Utilities, Development

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» Pocket PC Installation Creator v2.3 Description
The all-in-one tool for creating installations for Windows, Windows Mobile, SmartPhone and Palm Devices. Modular architecture with plug-ins for the supported installation modules. Rapid development for all of your installation needs.

Can generate cab files for Over The Air install (OTA) and compressed, self-contained, self-extracting windows setups for easy deploying applications from the desktop.

Windows Setup Features:
- Builds compressed, self-contained, self-extracting windows setups.
- Flexible Windows Setups packing all the supported components in one single executable.
- Multilanguage support.
- Conditional installation depending of user's language selection, ActiveSync, HotSync.
- Runs on all Windows verions, from Win95 to Vista.

Installation Modules:
- CAB Creator
    >> Supports creation of multiple installs for various platforms (e.g. ARM, SH3).
    >> Generated CAB(s) Files can be used for Over The Air (OTA) install.
    >> Very easy, point and click only, interface to generate CAB(s) Files.
    >> Wizard for making new CAB(s).
- CAB Collections
    >> Able to handle any number of CAB(s) Files, automated installation through ActiveSync.
    >> Conditional installing of collections.
- Palm Files [ beta 2.1 version ]
    >> Module can handle any number of Palm Files.
    >> Automated installation through HotSync.
    >> HotSync User selection during installation.
    >> Conditional installing.
- Redistribution Modules
    >> .NET CompactFramework and Mobile SQL supported.
    >> Fully customized settings. Multiple sets can be defined.
- Win32 Module
    >> Conditional installing.
    >> Customized actions to run when installing or uninstalling.

Environment Features:
- Easy to use interface.
- Project Manager for easy handling projects.

Update Description:

- Custom Dialogs Support.
- Integrated Dialog Designer with Event Controller.
- Code Editor with Code Automation Support and Hints for Parameters.
- Custom Setup Types Support added.
- Modules can organized in parent/child hierarchy.
- More Customization Options for Modules.
- 3 new example projects added. CustomForms, AdvancedWizard and CabInstaller.
- Help File added.
- More Advanced Options added.
- More stable User Interface.
- Enhanced Win32 Module.
- Enhanced Setup Wizard.
- Better Builder Engine.
- Bug fixes.

- Vista Compatible.
- More advanced builder options for the windows setup wizard.
- Splash Screen for your installations.
- About Button with custom message.
- Beveled Label like InstallShield.
- Bugs within the the advanced builder options and relative paths fixed.
- Multi tabbed user interface. No more floating windows taking all the workspace.
- Registry Section Editor now can import registry entries from .reg and .rgu files.
- Updated User Interface of CAB Creator Module.
- Updated look and feel of Project Manager.
- Bug fixes.

- PalmOS Module added.
- Dynamic Relative Paths.
- Unicode Support.
- Custom Icons in Mobile Shortcuts.
- User Interface update.
- Option to disable the components selection page of Windows setup wizard.
- Mobile Device File Explorer update.
- Bug fixes.

- Brand new way for selecting files to be installed to Pocket PC Device. Simple, an explorer like panel, representing the Pocket PC's FileSystem.
- Updated Win32 Plugin, now it is possible to add actions, that are executed at installation or uninstallation time.
- Win32 Plugin Helper is updated for all the properties.
- Drag&Drop support from Windows Explorer.
- New Editor for registry binary values.
- Bugs fixes.

- Win32 Module Added for creating setups for windows desktop.
- Project Manager for easy handling of projects.
- Conditional install of cab collections and Win32 Modules by user's selected language.
- New registry editor dialog, like windows registry editor.
- Custom Icon in ActiveSync's uninstall list.
- Link the Pocket PC uninstall via ActiveSync with Dekstop Uninstaller.
- Many bug fixes

- Two Major bugs fixed. All users must update to this version!
- Added support for customized bitmaps to the Windows Setup Executable.
- Added custom destination directory for the Windows Setup Executable.

- Drastically updated User Interface, now is much more clean and very easy to use.
- Windows Mobile Path Builder, for easy dealing with the various %CExx% variables.
- Many GUI related bugs fixed.

- The Windows Setup Builder has 3 new modules:
    >> .NET Compact Framework v2.
    >> Mobile SQL Server.
    >> Custom cab(s) collections.
- Multilinguage Windows Installations. 18 languages supported.
- Now the PPC Installation Creator can be used and as standalone windows setup maker for Pocket PC installations.

- Major update of the windows setup builder. Now depends on the excellent Inno Setup.
- User interface small redesign.

- Major re-design of source code, more fexible now for future development and updates.
- User interface and project's engine bugs fixed.
- New Builder Dialog, more cleaner now.

- Wizard for creating new projects.
- Startup Dialog for common tasks.
- Check for latest version directly from program.
- Minor bug fixes.

- Relative directories now are possible to Source Disks. As base directory is where the project file is.
- Example project is added. Pocket Weather Icons.
- Redesigned Add Files dialog. Now can add multiple files at once.
- Bug fixes. More stable now.

- Enhanced User Interface.
- The SourceDisksNames section is more human understandable.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Better handling of generated cab(s) files.

- Initial release.

the Pocket PC Installation Creator v2.3 free for Pocket PC

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