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» Pocket Salah

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Pocket Salah calculates Islamic prayer time for any location at any time, and it can get all needed information through GPS

WM 6.x

Arrived: Jul 31, 2011
Found under: religious, islamic, gps, education

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» Pocket Salah Description
Pocket Salah calculates Islamic prayer times for any location at any time, and it can get all needed information through GPS Program features: * It can provide Islamic prayer time for any location using live GPS. * It can provide Islamic prayer time for any location at any day. * It can provide Qibla direction from anywhere. * Includes status bar, and count down time to show how much time remains to the next prayer. * It has the ability to calculate Islamic prayer times for a full month. * The user can add a location manually, or by using a GPS signal. * The user can get the prayer times for any location by using GPS signal. * It can calculate prayer time based on five different prayer calculation methods: o Um Ul-Qura, Makkah. o World Islamic League. o Egyptian General Organization of Surveying. o Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). o University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi. * It can take into account the “Daylight Saving Time”. * It can take into account the Shafi or Hanafi Madhhab (for Aser prayer time calculation). * It can provide an annual txt file which includes all prayer times for a specific location. * The program can add all selected prayers to a Pocket PC calendar (up to the next ten days) to get a calendar reminder for each prayer.

the Pocket Salah free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Fri-30-Dec at 12:35 am
muniruzzaman wrote...
shal time
Mon-28-Nov at 3:57 am
omerfaruk wrote...
Heyy philips: Sprechen Sie mit dem Gelehrten. Sie können nicht beleidigen den Glauben der Menschen sebiyle. Wenn Überzeugungen sind jene, die euch beleidigen dumm bi hier. Ich frage mich, nicht wahr? bilgin kadar konus. Insanlari inanclari sebiyle hakaret edemezsin. Eger burda bi aptal varsa inanclara hakaret edendir. Acaba anladin mi?
Thu-20-Oct at 12:18 pm
ahmed mustafa wrote...
hadiza dey hav been overwhelmd by ignorance,Alhamdullillah for who we r,muslims.
Thu-29-Sep at 7:36 pm
Eduardo wrote...
all of you are idiots. Praying to a heartless "God". Christians
Fri-12-Aug at 1:10 am
Dyal Mustaqim wrote...
david starr - fuckin' jewish, the real terrorist who kills palestinian moslems
Fri-12-Aug at 1:04 am
Dyal Mustaqim wrote...
Fri-15-Jul at 4:20 pm
nico wrote...
one thing have to say: Geert Wilders! A true Hero.
Sun-26-Jun at 2:06 pm
philips wrote...
Tue-31-May at 7:44 am
kasan wrote...
the most important thing in life
Wed-25-May at 12:54 pm
David Starr wrote...
hadiza k @ May 19th 2011 4:20 pm device: Windows Mobile 6 If you have a question about Islam, why dont you just ask? When you dont ask, your stupidiness shows. For those who believes in the Oneness of Allah without ascribing partners to him (such as prophets,angels,lust/desires,stones,ghosts,saints or other creations created by Allah), their reward will be paradise. The Holy Qur'an OK, I'll ask you a question -- why are children beheaded in Islam such as that little Iranian girl 10-years old, now what did she do to you freakoziods?? [picture of girl being beheaded while several men praising allah can be seen on]

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