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» PocketCM

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: PocketCM is a finger friendly contact application for PDA phone, it will allow you to scroll to you list of contacts, call them and edit them.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Nov 27, 2008
Found under: contacts, manager, Utilities, Enhancement, finger

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» PocketCM Description

PocketCM is a finger friendly contact application for PDA phone, it will allow you to scroll to you list of contacts, call them and edit them.

Actually it's the rewrite in native of ContactManager, a .NET version of a finger friendly contact.

Are you using a VGA device? You'll need to download and install a VGA theme here.
If you are using a device with a 240px square screen, you'll need the a theme that support this screen size.

What's different from other contact application:

From ContactManager here's what's new/modified:
- Native version: this version doesn't use .NET compact framework, it's written in C++.
- Faster version: I've put some time improving performance, on my device, it goes quite well, tell me about you.
- Faster display: drawing is also optimized, however, it may have some issue for advanced theming, tell me about it.
- New fade effect while calling/edit conact/set picture, this offer a better transition between application, tell me what you think.
- Contact update if added/changed/deleted from other application (including activesync).
- Memory footprint: No more .NET crap, picture of contact should also take less memory.
- Ability to remove contact picture.
- Edit contact now goes to edit page directly.
- New contact now goes to edit page directly.
- New theme packaging (a theme in one file instead of many).
- Letter bar between contact.
- New setting for non latin alphabet (coming with localization but now it's technically possible).
- SMS conversation panel: hitting SMS button now goes to an SMS page. It will allow to send an SMS display previous conversation with this contact...

To close PocketCM Contacts, press for 250 ms to phone button at the bottom right of the screen. To minimize PocketCM Contacts, tap in the upper right corner.

PocketCM Contacts default view:

PocketCM Contacts detail view:

PocketCM Contact SMS conversation view:

Using PhonePad to easily find a contact:

Update Description:

v0.27? (11/16/2008)
* Fixed many non fullscreen issue
* Improved reactivity when switching screen
* Minor bug fixes: release after scroll doesn't bring the menu anymore, scrolling the phone number list doesn't make a long press, command line is fixed, language file setting fix
* Updated to latest PocketCM Framework.
* Thanks Blowfish (from the forum) for his help during the testing of this release

v0.26? (11/12/2008)
* Added option to set/unset as default contact
* Will also be the default contact for Manila2D
* Bug fixes
* Sip position should be better
* New theming options
* Update to latest PocketCM framework.

v0.25c (07/24/2008)
* Fixed contact change (delete, add, modify) not to be reflected in the contact list
* Added theme image caching, most theme should load faster the second time now
* Fixed some crash with some weird image
* Fixed Dream theme glitch

v0.21 (26-04-2008):
- New icon for contact with unread SMS or unseen missed call.
- Last unread SMS is shown instead of contact number in contact list.
- PocketCM Contact now handle phone call history: contact with new call are sorted first in SMS contact list.
- Rewritten code to handle SMS, should use less memory, and be a lot faster.
- Faster reading of SMS/phone history, startup time should be better.
- Text box now capitalize the first letter.
- Adding contact from SMS/phone history now update the contact correctly in the list.
- Some tweak in the default theme to make some part more visible, and avoid menu to popup when minimizing.
- Performance enhancement.
- Bug fixes & Memory leak fixes.

- New white and black theme by default.
- Support both VGA and QVGA (no need for a specific theme).
- Faster loading (like really faster).
- Gradient filling for most of the theme (without image, so smoother gradient).
- Faster switching to landscape/portrait.
- Lot of bug fixes (mainly because of code merging).
- Theme are still zip file, but with zip file extension (may change in stable release, depending of feedback).
- Localization options: the language can be choosen from the option menu.
- New theme engine: give lot more option to themer/skinner, better performance and more coherency.

- Edit before call option: press a call button for 250ms, you'll be able to edit the number.
- If you press a contact for 250ms in the list, you can call the contact directly.
- SMS optimization, read message faster, doesn't block the device.
- Support for second and third e-mail address.
- 40% improved startup time.
- PocketCM 0.10 support.
- Fixed for landscape mode..
- Bug fixes.
- Lighter executable, about 200Kb less.

- Fixed an issue with the cab installer.

- Current index position indicator.
- Better list scrolling feedback at beginning and end of list.
- Option menu to choose theme (Theme don't need to be called theme.cmt anymore, they can be called anything.cmt. Put them in the program folder, hold the phone button for a second, choose option, then choose theme, and pick the one you like).
- SIP setting is persistant and independant of Windows Mobile: You choose the SIP you like (or no sip) and it will be used by PCM no matter what SIP you're using in WM.
- Staying pressed on a message mark it as read/unread.
- Fixed PCM looks without theme (it's definitly better with a theme, but is usable).
- Bug fixes.
- And yes for some really annoying people (I hope they have some sense of humor), an option to get out of fullscreen.

- PhonePad to quickly find your contacts.
- SMS menu, tap an SMS do something:
    o Mark as read/unread.
    o Resend message.
    o Delete message.
    o Delete entire conversation.
- SIP selection in SMS (coming for Notes), tap on the header of the SMS panel to get a menu:
    o Change/Hide SIP.
    o Delete entire conversation.
    o Change target SMS number.
    o Call a contact number directly.
- Bug fixes: PocketCM shouldn't hang when receiving messages.
- Internal change in SIP handling.
- Ability to run the classic contact application (press the phone button for 250 ms).

- Fullscreen: PocketCM now takes profit of all the screen space and offer more option easily accessible.
- Icon panel at bottom with easy access to favorites/SMS/Filter.
- SMS counter on icon panel.
- SMS view is sorted by date.
- SMS counter update correctly when setting read/unread from other apps.
- Support for custom font in settings.
- Index for searching across city/company.
- Improved loading time.
- Bug fixes.

- Fixes a regression bug (unable to create contact).

- SMS character counter.
- Contact with unread SMS appears on top.
- Tapping on an SMS change read/unread status.
- You can create contact when you receive SMS from an unknown contact.
- PocketCM handle incoming SMS: bring the window to top and highlight the contact (Note that it doesn't affect the way the message is stored, standard messaging application is still responsible for storing the SMS, also a soft-reset may be required for it to work).
- Contact caching: will load contact from cache, so a lot faster (note that obviously the first start ever is still slow).
- Update touch theme with background.
- Transparent Edit boxes for note and SMS.
- New setting to allow more number to be recognized as SMS number.
- Bug fixes.
- CAB: Uninstall should set WM default contact manager as contact manager.

- Add support for note, tap on the contact detail information, to go to notes.
- Tap on the contact picture to go to the contact menu.
- Bug fixes (contact add/deletion, unicode, etc...).
- Performance enhancement.

- Keyboard search: type a letter and it filter the contact containing what you type.
- Support for transparent SMS conversation.
- More settings.
- Bug fixes: SMS threading.
- Other bug fixes.

- Version fixes: crash when filtering contact while loading, SMS sending, SMS threading, finger sliding, category listing, separator transparency.

- Category support.
- Delete support.
- New contact from scratch support.
- Bug fix: unicode SMS, SMS sending, D-pad crash, etc...
- Better D-PAD handling.
- Performance enhancements.
- Contact icon (thank DADy).

- Fix regression bug with favorite introduced with 0.7.

- No more keyboard (you can now get a real soft-input panel here).
- Added mail button, you can now send mail directly from the contact screen.
- Fixed refresh bug for VGA device.
- Fixed animation bug for favorite screen.
- Other minor bug fixes.

- Support for unicode config file (index letter should be localizable now).
- Bug fixes in theme and support for background image.
- New Touch v2 theme by default, old one can be found in theme section.
- Various smaller bug fixes.
- New setting for scrolling animation duration.
- New transition effect for favorite.
- Cab installer.

- Complete rewrite of the application from scratch. Better design.
- Major loading and performance improvment in most part.
- SMS panel: see your previous conversation, send message.
- New transition effect: fade to black and flip.
- Localization support with localized index.
- Memory footprint improvment.
- New theme packaging: one single file to distribute your theme.
- SIP test: keyboard that suggest word based on letter position, try it!.
- Better landscape mode support.
- Better VGA support.
- Contact list is updated if added/removed/changed from other source (ActiveSync for instance).1

the PocketCM free for Pocket PC

Made by: Quentin Pouplard

» Comments

Thu-4-Jun at 10:59 pm
Joe wrote...
I was able to fix my previous problems at no fault of the software, this is an awesome contacts app.
Tue-19-May at 11:39 pm
Joe wrote...
Oh, one more thing, I could not seem to turn it off without un-installing it. That is a shame since it is a wonderful looking app
Tue-19-May at 11:36 pm
Joe wrote...
This thing look great puts the icontact to shame; however two major issues. I own a HTC Touch Diamond and I found I could not assign a ring tone to a contact unless that ringtone was in the windows/rings directory and of a midi or wma format. This is a big deal to me since I like to use MP3s and place them on internal storage. The other issue was a skinning issue.
Thu-23-Apr at 10:26 pm
mzdee wrote...
i had the same issue my text messages stop sending after awhile
Thu-12-Mar at 9:46 pm
McNeilly wrote...
for sum reason after i used the app for a while it doesnt send my text messages...dis happen to anybody else?(htc touch)
Sun-11-Jan at 2:02 pm
Kdog wrote...
As a personal choice I would recommend iContact instead because of its better user interface (and its cooler)but go with what you like :-)
Sat-13-Dec at 4:56 pm
htctilt wrote...
great app! works very well on my tilt. (the exit button comes up by holding the "phone" button for a few seconds.) just takes some getting used to, but deff. worth the download!
Thu-11-Dec at 1:33 pm
MaRiO987 wrote...
Installed it on my Sprint Mogul (PPC6800) running WM6.1 - Program crashes if I try to delete (remove) a contact from the contact list. Any thoughts?
Sat-6-Dec at 6:20 am
the bic C wrote...
awesome app! best app ive ever downloaded. could use more themes and it says you can change the font but i can see where. nothing in settings for it. other than those few things, app kicks ass
Wed-3-Dec at 6:31 pm
mdaguy wrote...
good program..just wish it was an exit button!

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