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» PocketTimer

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Simple timer for your PocketPc/SmartPhone

Window Mobile 2003; Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0; Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Arrived: Jan 9, 2010
Found under: timer, time, stopwatch, lap timer

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» PocketTimer Description
PocketTimer is a timer can run on Pocket PC/SmartPhone(with touch screen). It does the count down as regular timer does. It can also continue to count after the time's up. There is an alarm sound when time's up. You can also choose to warn youself on every minute.

1/7/10 Version 1.3 update: 11/30/09 Version 1.2 update:

This software is part of the Dev2Help project. This project is aimed to raise money for people in needs. If you think that our software helps you, please help others by making a donation to Dev2Help Fund. Visit for more detail.

the PocketTimer free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-21-Sep at 12:31 pm
dotnetideas wrote...
Allen, to set the time you need enter the total minutes. Say if you want to set the timer to 1 hour and 15 minutes, you choose the minute radio button and enter 75 in the textbox on the left. The dropdown is editable, so if you don't see the number, just type in it.
Thu-26-Aug at 2:08 pm
Allen wrote...
Pocket Timer 1.3 has problems trying to set a start time of say 00:06:15. You set the number in the drop down box, say 6 the select the minute radio button and it sets it to 00:06:00. But when you change the drop down to 15 it changes the minutes. If you click the seconds radio button, it sets the time to 00:00:15. There doesn't appear to be a way to set hours either.
Wed-14-Apr at 2:48 pm
Marcel wrote...
Works great on Palm Treo 750. It would be great if I can choose the ringtone and volume.
Wed-9-Dec at 10:17 am
sas etteh wrote...
This is a very good app and precise as well. Please consider making a donation guys
Tue-1-Dec at 5:50 am
BlitzWing00 wrote...
Works for me, time seems as accurate to my watch even when the screen is turned off.
Tue-8-Sep at 7:50 pm
enki159 wrote...
Its super useful for me, it works great, and the best part is its small footprint. The executable is only 64.5kb which in turns means less RAM being used and thus more available for other programs. Another nice feature is that after the timer is done it can begin to count up the time spent after the end of the period. Since I like to work for 48 minutes and rest for 12; I set the timer for 48 minutes and then 12 minutes count up without any interaction from me. I highly recommend it.
Wed-26-Aug at 10:30 am
susan dennis wrote...
This is a great little app. I particularly like the every minute alert. I have a 5 minute operation I have to perform blindly every day and 5 minutes used to feel like 25, now with the minute beeps it seems like it's over in well, 5 minutes!
Sun-16-Aug at 6:41 pm
Baseman wrote...
Installed on HTC Touch Pro CDMA. Works great. Even when the screen shuts off, the timer continues to run.
Sun-16-Aug at 6:31 pm
Baseman wrote...
Installed on HTC Touch Pro CDMA. Works great. Even when the screen shuts off, the timer continues to run.
Sat-15-Aug at 11:40 pm
alfonso hernandez wrote...
thats ok

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