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» Power Radio

Rating: 4/5
Summary: FM player with RDS decoding for VGA and WVGA devices

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
VGA and WVGA devices

Arrived: Mar 16, 2010
Found under: Multimedia, Utilities, radio, fm, rds, info

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» Power Radio Description
Power Radio is FM player with RDS decoding for VGA and WVGA devices. Why PowerRadio? The built-im FM player - at least on HTC HD - misses many features i'd like to have in a FM radio. PowerRadio delivers many data available via RDS which would otherwise be invisible to the listener. Here are just a few examples:

- Radiotext: contains information broadcast by the respective station. What you get here totally depens on the broadcaster. You might see title and interpret, call-in numbers, SMS trafficservice numbers, URL's etc.
- traffic announcements
- program type
- coverage area
- date, time, timezone
- various status flags


After setup when started for the first time, PowerRadio will scan the whole band for stations, storing them to the available preset buttons.

manual scan: long-press "scan" button to get context menu with various options preset buttons: long-press a button to get context menu with options for store, delete, rename
ear/spk: switch between earphones and speaker
mute/unmute: self explanatory
blend: improves stereo reception and/or expands stereo base
stereo: switch between mono/stereo

All settings are saved in PowerRadio.ini.

ToDo list (in no specific order):

- add waitcursors on startup/exit
- fix volume bug on start
- allow user defined scan sensitivity
- check "replaces font" bug
- more preset buttons
- evaluate country settings
- integrate with external audio recording app
- store station names during scan
- evaluate RDS checkwords
- stereo indicator derived from pilot signal
- landscape support
- skinning support

the Power Radio free for Pocket PC

Made by: 6Fg8

» Comments

Sun-22-Jul at 1:29 pm
Rakesh Mehta wrote...
dosnt work on lg vs750
Thu-22-Mar at 2:30 pm
jolanta polakowska wrote...
device on hd2
Wed-23-Nov at 11:47 pm
DoktoraBG wrote...
xperia x1 - OK
Tue-26-Jul at 9:27 am
doesn't work with SonyEriccson X2
Fri-10-Jun at 4:26 am
edtp2 wrote...
does it work on tp2?
Mon-18-Apr at 12:41 am
Lewis wrote...
Sucks doesnt work on tp2
Thu-17-Mar at 12:53 am
sirocco wrote...
doesnt work hd2
Sun-13-Mar at 12:54 pm
John C wrote...
does not work
Thu-13-Jan at 9:52 am
lacwnia wrote...
δε δουλευει στο omnia 2
Sun-5-Dec at 1:49 pm
Xavandar wrote...
works on hd2 if you download fms_api.dll for hd2 and copy it on dir window

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