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» pwrstat v2.4

Rating: 5/5
Summary: Clutter free & really small (13,312 bytes) battery & memory monitor.

- Windows Mobile 2003 SE / 5.0 / 6.0.
- ARM Processor.

Arrived: Sep 1, 2007
Found under: battery, power, utilities

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» pwrstat v2.4 Description
pwrstat v2.4 is more than clutter free & really small (13,312 bytes) battery & memory monitor it also displays a battery bar at the top of the screen. The bars are segmented (to let users gauge power/memory levels in percentage).

To install, download the .exe file & put this .exe file into "\Program Files" of your PDA. Make a shortcut of the program to your startup folder. To stop a running instance, re-run the .exe & it'll prompt you to stop all running instances.

Changes from version 2.3:
· Changed battery bar display method. Now works peacefully with password/keylock application. Many other screen display/update problems seemed to have disappeared too.
· Changed to only display itself when it seems like the NavBar is displayed. Hidden when full screen apps are running.
· Reduced number of refreshes caused by window messages.
· Bar update frequency changed to 5 seconds.

Changes from version 2.2:
· Added HKCU\Software\PwrStat\BarHeight registry key (valid values from 1 to 4 pixels) for battery & memory bar height.

Changes from version 2.1:
· Works around a problem faced in versions 2.1 & 2.0 with full screen apps, where the taskbar is surfaced on full screen apps. Tapping on the location where the Ok button is will also activate the Ok button when it's supposed to be underneath the full screen app.
· Has known issue of not being able to work peacefully with the password application. However, will most probably work with apps such as Wisbar.

Changes from version 2.0:
· Memory bar now reflects memory available without including amount available from store, which is only applicable for Win Mobile 2003SE and below. This now lets it work consistently under Win Mobile 5 as the store doesn't exist under Win Mobile 5.
· battery bar color & memory bar color can now be separately changed in HKCU\Software\PwrStat\*. Restart pwrstat to see changes. · Refreshes every 4 secs now.

Changes from version 1.0:
· internal engine completely revised.
· doesn't update the screen at 10Hz anymore. only updates every 8 seconds. means lower CPU usage.
· bar colors can be changed by editing registry keys HKCU\Software\PwrStat\*... restart pwrstat to see changes.
· changed to let it stop a running instance.

Version 1.0 was derived from Powerstatus by Inteks.

This program is free & by using it, you (the user) agree that the author & anyone else who has created this software are not liable to any effects or damages caused to your property or you direct or indirect or otherwise.

the pwrstat v2.4 free for Pocket PC

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