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» pwrstat v2.6

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Minimalist clutter free & really small (14,848 bytes) battery & memory monitor.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Apr 14, 2009
Found under: battery, memory, power, pwrstat

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» pwrstat v2.6 Description
pwrstat is a minimalist clutter free & really small (14,848 bytes) battery & memory monitor.

Displays a battery bar at the top of the screen in most situations except when full screen applications are active (intentional).
QVGA, VGA, WVGA & possibly other display modes are supported.
Portrait & landscape screen orientation modes are supported.
Respects Windows Mobile power states and consumes very little battery power. Windows Mobile has various power states: 1) fully turned on, 2) screen off, CPU on, phone & various devices are on, 3) screen off, CPU off, but phone & various devices are on, 4) device completely switched off. pwrstat is only active at 1) & is suspended or not running in all other modes. pwrstat only wakes from hardware events.
Should be compatible with most applications (eg: applications that lock the screen like Windows Mobile password screen, or applications that replace the NavBar such as WisBar.
Bar colors can now be separately changed in HKCUSoftwarePwrStat* registry keys (RGB values). Restart pwrstat to see changes.
Bar height can be changed by editing HKCUSoftwarePwrStatBarHeight registry key (valid values from 1 to 4 pixels). Restart pwrstat to see changes.
The bars are segmented. Each bar has 10 segments (to let users gauge power/memory levels in percentage).
The power bar blinks when device is being charged.
The bars are only updated every 4 seconds or when there is screen activity that affects the bars.

To install, download the .exe file & put this .exe file into "Program Files" of your PDA. Make a shortcut of the program to your startup folder. To stop a running instance, re-run the .exe & it'll prompt you to stop all running instances.
Version 2.6 comes with 2 versions of executables, one supports Windows Mobile power states & the other doesn't. Use whichever applicable.

Note: pwrstat can be kept smaller & to use less memory when it doesn't come with screens for changing color or bar height. Use other software to edit pwrstat settings.

Changes from version 2.5:
Added code to suspend itself when screen is off.
Fixed pwrstat hanging problem on HTC Touch HD devices.

the pwrstat v2.6 free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-4-Aug at 4:34 pm
croquerp wrote...
Wed-16-Jun at 4:27 pm
tony wrote...
Mon-17-Aug at 12:07 am
Jim wrote...
Slows down on my Treo Pro too. Any update to v2.6?
Thu-14-May at 11:14 pm
Jacky wrote...
Doesn't work properly on WM6.1. Sometimes it hangs my Treo Pro. After removing this application, my Treo Pro works perfectly.
Thu-16-Apr at 8:30 pm
DarkStrobeLight wrote...
Thank you very much Bob, I changed the bars to white and the dimmed segments to grey, it looks very nice on my diamond... it sucks that the regedit for mobile is only a trial, but I got my use out of it anyway. I also used Diamond Tweak and replaced my default battery icon with the date and time and put a shortcut in my startup folder so it loads when my phone starts... Anyway thanks again Bob for the reply
Thu-16-Apr at 9:34 am
kahwoo wrote...
interesting apps. btw, I have a fren whose name is exactly the same like yours. (Chan Kar Heng)
Thu-16-Apr at 3:48 am
Bob wrote...
DarkStrobeLight: get regedit on PPC and run it. Then go to HKCU\Software\PwrStat\ and you will see a number of values you can change.
Wed-15-Apr at 9:37 am
DarkStrobeLight wrote...
@Bob...Is that in the Exe file itself or is this somthing in my Windows folder? I have regedit but it can't edit exe files
Tue-14-Apr at 9:02 pm
Bob wrote...
Why 3 exe files? Which file to install? If I want threaded, installing pwrstat-threaded-pwrchk.exe in enought? DarkStrobeLight: by change color, it means that you can change the color of bars by going into registry and change their value. For example 255 255 0 for yellow bar.
Tue-14-Apr at 6:37 pm
DarkStrobeLight wrote...
HTC Diamond...all 3 programs work, what do you mean by changing regrestry key to change color? and how do you put this in the program list?

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