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» RadarLove!

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: I was never able to find a good online radar, so I wrote this to fit the bill.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: May 12, 2009
Found under: radar, online, topography, cities, rivers, highway, loop

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» RadarLove! Description
v0.2 beta

RadarLove is a simple Radar image engine. It pulls all the image data from the National Weather Service RIDGE system, including most of the overlays.

Some highlights:

* Location Search–Search by ZIP code, city and state, or by your GPS position (for devices with a gps reciever).
* New Overlays–Warings, Location Icon, and Legend
* Text Color is now changeable
* Radar is now really transparent! No more washed out images.
* Memory improvements are massive, all images are built then released, Once that happens, only 500KB in running memory!
* Looping–Since all images are prebuilt, the loop speed is realistic.
* Time Zone issues–I found out that I was only applying Central Time Zone, now it reads in the time zone from the device, and sets the image times correctly
* Random lockups–Most were due to memory errors, that shouldn’t happen anymore.
* Zoom Level–15 zoom levels now, and a new zoom full out option.

A few pointers:

* you can click on a location, and it will zoom in on that location. When you do this, the map must not move, otherwise the zoom will not work.
* you can drag the map around with your finger (pen, pencil, or whatever it is you use). The more you are zoomed in, the more you can drag. You can even drag while looping, but while you are dragging, the loop will stop. once you stop dragging, it will continue to loop.
* the up and down hardware keys will zoom in (up) and out (down). This is much easier than using the zoom menu.
* In the location settings, you can input a ZIP code, or a city, st. If you want to use GPS to locate you, just check the box marked Locate using GPS, then click Search. Let it locate you, it will then set everything up for you.
* GPS will only set your location in the settings, it will not stay active while you are looking at radar. If you are moving around a lot, you might want to update your position every once in a while.

RadarLove! Video Preview

the RadarLove! free for Pocket PC

Made by: GudenSoft

» Comments

Wed-2-Sep at 11:13 am wrote...
New Version is out, goto and check it out.
Mon-10-Aug at 5:27 pm
downinfl wrote...
Love the app! Would it be possible to remember and apply the last-used settings? It would be nice to return to the same area and magnification -- also perhaps loop vs static -- as was viewed the last time RadarLove! was open. Again, thanks for the work!
Fri-24-Jul at 8:32 am
Husker wrote...
Exactly what I have been looking for! Works great on my HTC Touch Pro - with one exception. The settings are not saved when you exit. So each time you go back in you have to search through the radar sites to get to the one closest to you...saving the other options would be nice too ;) Is there a save button somewhere I am missing?
Fri-19-Jun at 4:48 pm
Kent Skiles wrote...
Where do you get your radar data from?
Fri-5-Jun at 8:25 am
TWN wrote...
The download link takes you to his site but there is NO download link there. How !STUPID! is that??
Fri-22-May at 5:58 pm
DJ13241 wrote...
To all u people that just want to complain ... send the man a check OR ask nicely!!! He didn't have to post his software!!! And who ever said the thing about .net ... Find me ONE piece of WM6 software that is NOT .net
Tue-19-May at 5:34 am
Pieter wrote...
Lol, reminds me... Once a girl from the US asked me if we had Hotmail in Europe... I told her: What do you think WWW stands for... :-S
Sun-17-May at 5:11 am
kamlesh wrote...
not working on ks120 lg
Wed-13-May at 7:36 am
fbr wrote...
"this will only work with US Radar sites": you could have stated this in the summary instead of a completely useless personal note. US (is not equal to) the whole world, you know.
Tue-12-May at 2:06 pm
Cena wrote...
So this requires you to infect your system with necrosoft's Net 3.5 to start? Yeah, sure I'll try it, then... not.

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