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» RAM Sweeper

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Fast and efficient RAM Cleaner for Windows Phones!

.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Jan 21, 2010
Found under: utilities, tools, ram, clean, optimize, memory

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» RAM Sweeper Description
This app will free all possible RAM of your device! It's fullly customizable, if you want to exclude an app just go to ram sweeper folder (program files) , open file ram sweeper.txt and add EXC procname.exe. If you want to run another app each time ram sweeper is executed just add RUN "WindowsProcName.exe" Also if you want to disable the notification that shows how much run have been swept, change this registry key: HKLM/Software/BsB/RAM Sweeper/HideNotification = 1

the RAM Sweeper free for Pocket PC

Made by: makeveral

» Comments

Fri-30-Dec at 9:59 am
JOS wrote...
No downloading?
Mon-31-Oct at 4:58 am
czap istvan wrote...
no downloading
Thu-15-Sep at 7:34 pm
zerwin olitan wrote...
thank you soo much omarket... good job!
Tue-3-May at 9:42 am
nazarudin wrote...
tak boleh download laaa...f**k
Sun-24-Apr at 11:10 pm
ghulam wrote...
good omarket service i like it.thanks to owner who have given and establish softwear.
Sun-24-Apr at 11:06 pm
ghulam wrote...
good omarket service i like it.thanks
Tue-12-Apr at 2:56 pm
khal boram wrote...
funny fix the link for god sake
Tue-11-Jan at 5:47 pm
Walter Sotomayor wrote...
can you fix the link
Thu-6-Jan at 3:16 am
AfroLuva wrote...
Link is broken...
Mon-6-Dec at 4:10 am
Dario wrote...
link is broken

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