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» RapidRead - A forum reading application

Rating: 3/5
Summary: RapidRead is a forum reading application similar to tapatalk.

Arrived: Mar 2, 2011
Found under: forum, tapatalk, rapidread, communication, windows mobile

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» RapidRead - A forum reading application Description

RapidRead - A forum reading application

The intro...
RapidRead is a forum reading application similar to tapatalk.
The aim of this application is to offer you a fast, easy and economic way of accessing your favourite forums, without the need of a web browser or extra costs on your data plan.

Where can i use RapidRead?
RapidRead is for Windows Mobile 6.5.x and below. I haven't been able to test this on different resolutions or devices, but it should work everywhere.

Version History

Current version 0.7.3 beta
- Fixed Multi level subforums.
- Fixed Some QVGA Icons
- Fixed Message box height. It is now dynamical so it should work great on all screens.
- Renew structures option added (This option cleans your forums saved structure, and forces RapidRead to re-download the structure) I suggest that you do that after you install 0.7.3
- New About option
- I removed the BeginUpdate - EndUpdate, so there is a chance that you have LESS OutOfMemory errors. (Again not my fault, and yes Omnia has a thing with it)
- When you login, it shows your username now, instead of "TeDeV"
- You can reply more than once to posts now (soz for that)
- Beta-Test period extended to 1/4/2011
- Option to not load avatar pictures in posts. Maybe this will stop (in a small scale) the OutOfMemory errors to some people. (Use the Options menu at the start)

I consider this release to be a major update, since i re-wrote everything from the start (i spent a lot of hours doing it). don't forget that this is still a beta version, which means that some things might not work correctly.

This release is free, but if you want to buy me a beer for the hours i spent and the hours i am going to spend :D feel free to press the button below and support my development

Please read the first post in this link, so that you can solve any questions Final notes Tell me what you think :) here..

the RapidRead - A forum reading application free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-21-Oct at 10:13 pm
Adrian wrote...
doesn't work
Fri-9-Sep at 6:44 pm
Fabio wrote...
slow connection and only reading... i'm going to remove from my hd2
Sat-16-Apr at 6:18 pm
saso koblar wrote...
cannot download
Thu-31-Mar at 9:49 pm
antonio wrote...
Dont work in hd2. No conect.
Tue-1-Mar at 10:15 am
Kypriotis Theodoros wrote...
to Tom Syncom as long as this app stays in a beta version it is free, and it gives you all the abilities you can have. Including login in, and posts. Make sure you read my posts before you comment. Thanks
Sat-19-Feb at 3:56 am
Tom Syncom wrote...
you should write: this release is free without the ability to log in. and if you need it, you have to pay. again a lite version, free testers and in the end a pay app.
Tue-8-Feb at 5:48 pm
Simon van Lingen wrote...
getting unkown errors
Tue-8-Feb at 2:54 pm
giannismich wrote...
nice app! not perfect of course but it gets better!
Thu-3-Feb at 12:26 pm
Kypriotis Theodoros wrote...
there is a new version 0.7.3 coming up guys, this weekend
Sat-29-Jan at 10:29 pm
Jon Auxier wrote...
awkward spacing beneath posts, but I like the app!

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