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» RegEditOne

Rating: 3/5
Summary: RegEditOne registry editor and system tuning in one tool for Windows Mobile phone !

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5
VGA / WVGA display resolution (qvga version coming soon)

Arrived: Jun 17, 2010
Found under: registry, editor, utilities, tools, optimize, system

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» RegEditOne Description
RegEditOne registry editor and system tuning in one tool for Windows Mobile phone !

It lets you browse and edit your device's registry. Use the search bar to find registry items. RegEditOne also has a wizard to optimize your system. Tt's powerful, fast and ultra-light !

NOTE - require VGA / WVGA display resolution (qvga version coming soon)


the RegEditOne free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sun-3-Jul at 5:34 am
AxSe Post wrote...
HTC HD2 WM65 DE. Verschiebt die Tastatur um die hälfte nach unten. Dieser Zustand bleibt auch bei anderen Programmen bestehen. Der defekt lässt sich nur durch ein Softreset beheben.
Thu-12-May at 10:43 am
Paul Hong wrote...
So, has the keyboard issue been fixed? Not gonna download it if it isn't :S
Wed-25-Aug at 5:54 pm
luis wrote...
buggy not too good
Fri-18-Jun at 6:52 pm
steatscdevs wrote...
i used native c++ to move the keyboard at the bottom of the screen, unfortunately i considered the standard wm keyboard only, which has a size smaller than other soft keyboards. i'll fix this in two weeks (in the meanwhile i'll be traveling). thanks Jon for your detailed report
Fri-18-Jun at 6:23 pm
Jon Piercy wrote...
htc hd2, a good attempt and looks like it has some real potential. Has a slight bug with the keyboard as you loose the bottom row of keys and everything below there, this bug persists outside of the app after closing, which then requires a soft reset. Surely the hd2's WVGA screen can not be too small for the app. Looking forward to seeing if this bug can be fixed in an update, well done so far...
Fri-18-Jun at 12:17 pm
fireryone wrote...
touch diamond 2 (htc pure) user here, also had the keyboard issue, and agree couldnt see an option to add/delete a key only edit.
Fri-18-Jun at 11:38 am
lorenzo wrote...
non funziona la tastiera su hd2, una parte è inutilizzabile
Thu-17-Jun at 6:43 pm
TheBigCheese wrote...
A real turkey! No way to add or delete a key that I could find. When editing a key on my Touch Pro, bottom of on screen keyboard is cut off.
Thu-17-Jun at 12:05 pm
steatscdevs wrote...
hi, i made an edit on this page (probably you will see it tomorrow) to say this app requires a VGA / WVGA display. QVGA version will be added soon
Thu-17-Jun at 11:41 am
MyTreo wrote...
This seems to be a cool app. Though it is above my pay grade, I will play with it and see just what I can do with it.

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