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» Remote Control For Pentax

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Remote Control For Pentax allows you to use your Pocket PC, Windows Mobile or Windows CE device to shoot pictures using your Pentax DSLR camera.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, 5 , 6 , 6.1
.Net compact framework 2.0

Arrived: Jul 25, 2008
Found under: remote, control, pentax, camera, DSLR

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» Remote Control For Pentax Description
Remote Control For Pentax allows you to use your Pocket PC, Windows Mobile or Windows CE device to shoot pictures using your Pentax DSLR camera. Provides you with Bulb, continuous, and Single Shoot mode. You just need to have a device with IR. This program is works with any Pentax camera compatible with Control F, including K100, K10D, K20D, K200.

the Remote Control For Pentax free for Pocket PC

Made by: Roberto Gastaldelli

» Comments

Mon-28-Mar at 7:48 am
Hayk470 wrote...
How install?
Tue-4-May at 10:00 am
hijackie23 wrote...
To Greg: Sorry for late reply. I am using old HP 4700.
Mon-8-Mar at 11:52 pm
Greg wrote...
hi - hijackie23 - what cellphone/smartphone are you using?? Thanks in advance
Sun-7-Mar at 11:20 pm
hijackie23 wrote...
it's a great small usable ppc application. i've approved that on my GX-10 with comm port 2. Perfectly working when point to the IR point within the range (about 5m) . If there is new version of it, I'd like to have a function that do not need always point to the IR on the camera, say a very cold day one wants to leave the camera for long exposure for 2 hours, just need the ppc set it fire and shut it off when done. don't have to position the ppc point at camera for 2 hours (ppc battery is not quite long). Anyway, it's a very good work!! WELL DONE!!
Thu-14-Jan at 3:45 pm
jim wrote...
Justin install net framework 2 here is a link
Tue-25-Aug at 12:36 pm
Mitch wrote...
Aw crap I thought the black box on the top end of the phone was IR but it's not. HTC Touch Diamond doesnt have IR. 8(
Tue-25-Aug at 12:30 pm
MItch wrote...
HTC Touch Diamond WM 6.1 .net CFv3.5 Sprint After trial and error, I chose the comm port that didnt give me the error message "Can't open serial to communicate with IR!" so I think that is the right comm port to use for the phone I'm on. The phone seem's to think it is triggering the shutter, but the K10D and ist*D both dont shoot. I've gone through the menus and changed a bit around, but nothing. Just FYI Thanks for the program, hope to get a working copy....
Fri-24-Jul at 5:28 pm
Shu wrote...
Guys, is there something like this on Symbian UIQ? Email me, please, if have any info. Thanks!
Fri-8-Aug at 4:33 pm
Justin wrote...
iPaq H3950 with PPC 2003, installs great, but will not run, does nothing after I click on the icon.
Tue-29-Jul at 2:58 pm
Rexdsdsf wrote...
does this work with ATT TILT?

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