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» T2 Remote Touch

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Remote Touch is the quickest remote control & file transfer app for Windows Mobile. Full features keyboard, touch panning ...

+ Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
+ Windows Computer to control.
+ Wifi or internet connection.

Arrived: May 25, 2009
Found under: remote, desktop, touch, utilities

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» T2 Remote Touch Description
Updated to v2.0 Gamma

Remote Touch is the quickest remote control & file transfer app for Windows Mobile.
There are Click Mode, Overview Mode and Scroll Mode for easy navigation through the screen.

This video demonstrate the usage of Remote Touch

Installing Remote Touch Step by Step Video

for more info please visit

Update Description:

* Delta v2.02
o Hardware Key Support
o Few bug fixes.
* Delta v2.0
o On Screen Display (OSD).
o Internet Browser Osd.
o Configurable Keyboard (Create your own Remote Keyboard !).
o Click Mode Osd.
o Scroll Mode Osd.
o Overview Mode Osd.
o Notification Bar.
o Improved Zoom Quality.
o Keyboard Preview.
* Gamma v1.3
o Proper WM5 Support.
o Change profiles/quality settings on-the-fly.
o Faster Landscape / Portrait Rotation.
o Better Minimize Functionality.
o No longer Always-on-top.
o Installs for all Users.
* Gamma v1.2
o Landscape + Portrait Orientation support.
o Minimize Remote Touch.
o Massive Remote Touch Keyboard Upgrade.
o Scroll Mode Architecture Overhaul.
o Dual Monitor Support.
o Improved Style.
o Various Bug Fixes (Full Screen etc).
o Removed Feature: HW Keyboard Support.
* Gamma v1.1
o Color scroll mode.
o Multiple Server Profiles.
o Start up loading screen.
o View layers (like Windows Sidebar in vista).
o Various Bug Fixes.
* Gamma v1.0
o File & Clipboard transfer between mobile & PC.
o Schedule transfer from your PC.
o D-pad navigation.
o Hardware keyboard support.
o Various Bug Fixes.
* Beta 2
o Memory Architecture Overhaul.
o Improved Keyboard.
o IP & Domain Name (DNS) support.
* Beta
o Overview Mode
o Scroll Mode
o Full Screen Keyboard

the T2 Remote Touch free for Pocket PC

Made by: Sanjay Thomas

» Comments

Tue-24-Jul at 10:16 pm
Asurada wrote...
To steve have you enabled the WiFi in you mobile?
Sat-21-Aug at 6:24 am
nicky wrote...
Tue-18-May at 5:41 pm
chaiunique wrote...
thank you
Tue-18-May at 5:40 pm
chaiunique wrote...
thank you
Sat-6-Mar at 6:52 pm
steve wrote...
I was able to install on my phone and computer. Am able to connect while at home, but not when I am away from home. I think the issue has to do with port 3230. Any suggestions? Thanks
Fri-30-Oct at 3:29 am
Jarod wrote...
No spyware. Just ads in the free version. All the big online mobile stores have it for $10.99, but you can buy directly from the author for $9.99.
Sat-10-Oct at 6:10 pm
unclebarry wrote...
Spyware? Ads? What's the real scoop? Is there a version without ads? Where and how can I get it.
Mon-5-Oct at 10:35 am
touchpro wrote...
It works onmy touch pro. But I can't use the touch pro keybord in remote touch program! does someone has a answer to this?
Tue-22-Sep at 6:46 am
LeoF wrote...
Does anyone know if this will connect and view a VPN desktop account? In the install video it seems to indicate you first install on a host computer which would be my virtual private network account, then finish by connecting by ActivSynch to your mobile. I can't do this with my remote VPN desktop as its in San Diego! I've used the standard Remote Desktop function on my HTC Diamond 2, with mobile 6.1, to login and view there, but it doesn't have scrolling functions and distorts my open files when it resizes. Looking for a better solution.....
Sat-12-Sep at 12:56 pm
Learntoread wrote...
Its not spyware. If you download the freeversion there are ads. You can buy the no-ads version for $10USD.

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