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» Rename Contacts

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Simple app for renaming your contacts from a list

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Mar 17, 2009
Found under: contact, rename, utilities

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» Rename Contacts Description
Simple app for renaming your contacts from a list

To install, just unarchive the download file on your device and launch the RenameContacts.exe !

the Rename Contacts free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Mon-6-Apr at 3:29 pm
Rufus wrote...
An app like this could be useful, for instance, if you have imported a bunch of your contacts from another phone and they're not named to your liking when viewed in WM's Contacts. Using only the built-in Contacts, it'd be a *PAIN* to go through each one and rename them all.
Thu-19-Mar at 5:55 am
davey1980 wrote...
im with orange and my fone came with about 12 extra orange contract .. ans fone / custom service / dir enq / orange world etc r just a few, they are LOCKED too which is really annoying ! this programme be great if can remove them...but asks for DOWNLOAD PASSWORD AND NAME????? how i download it???
Tue-17-Mar at 11:11 pm
Rockss wrote...
No, really!! are there windows mobile phones in market where you cannot rename a contact through contact manager???
Tue-17-Mar at 11:10 pm
Rockss wrote...
I didnt understand why we need this app. umm... if i want to change the name of contact, i just go to the contact and change it.

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