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» Retro Football Manager

Rating: 4/5
Summary: football(soccer) manager

Arrived: Aug 12, 2010
Found under: Games, football, manager

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» Retro Football Manager Description
Retro Football Manager - C64 Edition

Many years ago I played simple Football manager game on Commodore C-64 with my friends. We could selected one team of Italia and checked results on monitor screen. It was funny and addictive. Few weeks ago in a pub we remembered it. I learned visual basic and created this game. I hope, you enjoy it with us.

System requirements:

Planed Feature

Released Version

August 8 2010 v0.5.2
- fixed resign buttons bug
- fixed top teams match bug

August 3 2010 v0.5.1
- fixed some bugs

August 1 2010 v0.5
- add promotions and relegations

July 30 2010 v0.4.2
- fixed some bugs

July 26 2010 v0.4.1
- add manager history

July 25 2010 v0.4
- add namager statistics

July 20 2010 v0.3
- add manager actions

July 17 2010 v0.2
- add database file
- add legendary

July 7 2010 v0.0.2.108
- fixed about
- fixed forms

July 6 2010
- add save and load

July 5 2010
- add start game form
- add demo, quick game

June 29 2010
- improvements of goals in matches
- add settings data structure

June 26 2010 - First Alpha
- add reputation data column and basic function
- add team data structure
- add rounds schedule data structure

Konwn issues
Black textboxes in selecting managers
Menu / End game - can't back to selecting game
If you like this game buy me a beer EUR

the Retro Football Manager free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-14-Aug at 10:20 pm
jrobinson wrote...
great game
Fri-13-Aug at 4:08 am
jaytee wrote...
does not work on hd2 :(
Fri-13-Aug at 2:24 am
bonnie chow hoi yin wrote...
thats good wed site for everyone
Fri-6-Aug at 2:59 pm
Michael wrote...
@ Conrad you called football soccer. 'nuff said. go and jerk off to your tedious Superbowl you c*cksucker.
Fri-6-Aug at 2:49 pm
Tommaso Bertolotti wrote...
Interesting... but when a QVGA version? Pleeeeaseeeee :-)
Fri-6-Aug at 2:48 pm
Marcio Guerra wrote...
I usually don't write at this comments, but Conrad, f*ck you. Soccer isn't a real sport? Bl*w me. To you sports is something to play with your hands, right? Fag. Nice game, hope it works on my old Orbit.
Fri-6-Aug at 2:06 pm
nae666 wrote...
@Conrad Morris Your Football is played with your hands!?. Real football is played only by foot. And hundreds of millions of people play it! So, go to bed.
Fri-6-Aug at 1:40 pm
Zaja Gregory wrote...
doenst work on my htc jade
Fri-6-Aug at 11:39 am
ben wrote...
my hd2 doesn't like it-error
Fri-6-Aug at 9:55 am
Murphy wrote...
program doesnt work on my hd2.will try next version!

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