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» Rseven

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Record Everything: Call logs, call recording, SMS, image, video, audio, contacts and calendar. Playback call audio, browse phone activity and search through your SMS at

Windows Mobile 6 , 6.1, 6.5

Arrived: Feb 3, 2011
Found under: backup sms, record calls, location map, sms

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» Rseven Description
Record Everything!
Now you can keep all your calls, messages, pictures and other data from your Windows Mobile device, even if you switch phones or network providers.
  1. Archive your incoming, outgoing and missed call logs.
  2. Record your incoming and outgoing calls including call to your voicemail.
  3. Backup your SMS.
  4. Store your image, audio & video files.
  5. Sync your contacts and calendar (even to other smartphones).
  6. Scheduled automatic backup.

All of the above data will be archived at the Rseven website, where you can:
  1. Search through all your messages and notes.
  2. Playback your recorded calls.
  3. Go to any date in the past to see what you did, who you called and where you were at.
  4. See a threaded view of your calls and messages with each contact.
  5. See the location of the places where you've been on a map.
  6. View and edit your contacts and calendar, and sync it with multiple phones.
  7. See the strength of your Connections with your contacts, based on the frequency of your calls and messages.
  8. See the statistics of your calls and messages with each contact.
  9. See the photos and videos from your phone in a Gallery, and send them to Facebook.
  10. Share your contacts & calendar events with pre-defined Groups in Rseven.

See more in the demo account at
See intro video here

the Rseven free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Sat-10-Nov at 3:37 pm
ENOCH wrote...
i got to try it
Wed-8-Jun at 12:47 pm
Aaron.Walkhouse wrote...
I looked at their privacy policy and it appears they make the same mistake that many companies do; which is they either don't encrypt the data or access is always granted to company software (for advertising) and is too easily accessed by staff. Since staff require only your permission they already have the ability to access data and only policy stands in the way. The fact that your data has far less protection from abusive lawyers and government employees than if it was in your pocket is also a significant weakness. The solution is easy: Add an offline mode that stores all data locally and can be synchronized with one's own computer at home or the office. When people have that choice it is far easier to trust the developer, as the developer surrenders it's one opportunity for ad revenue by placing the interests and safety of customers above their own profits. That it's an option will ensure that a majority of customers will trust the company and store their data online. Otherwise, people turn away and choose safety first. - Please add the offline option soon. - If you haven't done so yet, please employ encryption (as it is now legally required under privacy laws)... - ...and please include the encryption policy (NOT describing the technology) in privacy statements on the website and in EULAs.
Sun-20-Mar at 7:01 am
paul wrote...
Htc Hd2 ,everything works great except the recording of calls,people sometimes can not hear you so i had to uninstall the listner app.reported it to rseven.

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