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» SatCE v1.29

Rating: 5/5
Summary: The fastest satellite tracking program for Pocket PC.

Win CE2002, CE2003 and higher

Arrived: Feb 21, 2008
Found under: satellite, track, utilities, science

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» SatCE v1.29 Description
SatCE is a satellite tracking software.
To correctly predict the satellite position you need fresh tle data (not more than 5 days old)!!!

Also the accurate location (lat, lon) and time. The UTC time is taken from Windows CE system therefore set appoprite time zone in settings.

Main futures:
This program is using SDP4/SGP4 algorithms to calculate near and far satellites positions in space. In all calculations of lat and lon the oblate Earth shape is used. The program uses GAPI engine for graphics and API for text mode.

SatCE can track up to 150 satellites at once (but this is not the hard limit).

SatCE reads standard two lines elements *.tle files containing satellites orbital parameters.

SatCE is very fast (much faster than I could find for sat tracking in internet for PocketPC)!!! A screen is updated every second without any delay with all these fancy things. There is also a lot of info like satellites parameters, moon distance its face size and some information about sun.

Satellites can be selected in map and sky mode by taping them with the stick. Only selected satellites from menu bar are displayed. By default all satellites are displayed. Come back to text mode is with help of enter button.

You can find more details at home page:

SatCE v1.2 list of changes:
- added list of cities
- corrected predict dialog
- corrected small misteaces with text
- change zoom, acceleration calculations and selected sats displayin space mode
- extended number of readed sats to 150 with comunicate
- now program can be instaled in different directories
- corrected help
- added in Sat select infirmation about age of sat data
- Better handling of text mode
- Corrected selection for VGA devices

the SatCE v1.29 free for Pocket PC

Made by: Daniel Kamisnki

» Comments

Thu-9-Sep at 9:55 am
w4jwc wrote...
the amateur radio hobby uses it to predict passes of vhf uhf communications sats to talk across the country on frequencies that this would be otherwise impossible to to and to predict the ISS passes and be able to communicate with the astronauts on board and chat with them.
Tue-20-Jul at 7:15 am
nawap wrote...
I hate to ask stupid question, but why would one want to track the satelites? There is no mention of the benefit of SatCe, just its feature. I just know what fancy things it can do, but I cant figure out why I want the things that it does? Does it speed up my other GPS mapping software from getting the satelites locations?
Fri-25-Jun at 8:35 am
nyadang along wrote...
Mon-21-Dec at 3:00 pm
Greg wrote...
GPS will not stay running
Sat-4-Oct at 9:29 pm
Vertex wrote...
Iím retired and this program is so appreciated. I have an iPAQ hx2495b And v. 1.39 performs without any problems. This will allow me to Satellite Observe where ever I may go. Thanks Daniel Kaminski
Sat-30-Aug at 7:26 am
abdo wrote...
very nice
Wed-20-Aug at 1:08 pm
Keith wrote...
Same as Codrin & Kevin. Program locks up my device when it runs on WM6.1 On my device w/ WM5 it runs beautifully though.
Mon-11-Aug at 10:05 am
Codrin wrote...
Same here, I couldn't get it to run on WM 6.1. Does anybody have any ideas?
Tue-29-Jul at 7:24 am
Kevin wrote...
Installed this app on WM6. Wouldn't run. Are there any plans to get a WM6 compatible version?
Mon-28-Jul at 3:35 pm
Dakman wrote...
very nice apll

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