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» Sense Facebook Tab

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Enables Facebook functionality in a Sense Tab. (updated cab) Advanced mod - do not attempt if you are novice user

VGA, WVGA, Sense2.5

Arrived: Mar 4, 2011
Found under: utilities, customization, sense, facebook, tab, social

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» Sense Facebook Tab Description
Updated with new installation method

All the HTC facebook goodness on your doorstep!
Update your facebook status directly from the tab!
Optional layout views
Update Now left-soft key
Launch Facebook App in menu (configure to fav app)
Launch Facebook Online in menu (configure to fav site)
Successful Update Time Display
Adjustable Automatic Update Peroid
My Updates - Displays your real status (only support text updates - urls etc ignored)
Customisation Via Sense Settings Page (all settings for the tab now configurable via sense)

Please see XDA forum for manual, FAQ and support.
Visit Xda Forum - FbTab Thread (cab and manual install attached to 1st post)

If you enjoy using this app then please DONATE via the Xda Thread (PayPal).

Dual Cab Install (using SenseUtil) Instructions:
- Standard Cab for SenseUtil and a Cab for the Tab files (placed together in a single zip file).
Remember: Backup your device and data before attempting this mod. Post if you have any problems.
a) Install both Cabs, in no particular order.
b) Run SenseUtil from Start MenuSenseUtilAddTabSenseUtil FbTab Add to Add the FbTab to Sense.

a) Run SenseUtil from Start MenuSenseUtilRemoveTabSenseUtil FbTab Remove to Remove the FbTab from Sense.
b) You can now uninstall the FbTab cab, and if desired, the SenseUtil cab too.
Note: As the references in sense have been removed, the files will have no effect on sense anymore.
c) The remaining registry entries can also be manually removed from HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareHTCManila all of which will start with "Facebook.".

UPGRADING (note there is nothing different to v1.6):
If you already have the tab installed, then you can use either cab package, however instead of Adding the tab, you will need to "Reset Sense" - Del ManilaFull.xml either from SenseUtil or manually (stop sense, delete the file from windows and restart sense).

FAQ: My ROM shows double tab icons when selected (typically applies to NRG ROMs)
A: Delete or rename 1F04C842_manila in windows, this file is not required for your ROM. You will then need to "Reset Sense".

For the latest information on installing/uninstalling please see the Xda Thread.

This is an advanced modification to sense, so please ensure you have backed up your device. If you run into problems then please ask on the xda forums (link above), due to the nature of the app all setups can not be predicted, but most issues can be solved. Also some versions of sense, may require the patched version (available via the forum).

>>If you are not prepared to ask for help via the xda forums/or read the install/uninstall post there, if you get problems, then please don't install because the mod is not suitable for novice users.<<

Note from the Developer:
If people still get problems, then I am happy for this app to be removed (I do care people are having issues with it, and I am happy to help resolve any issues if they ask). The app was released on Xda in Aug, and as far as I was aware any issues were resolved since there were very few reported problems, clearly some devices still have problems.
I only wanted to give back an app to where I have used many apps from myself.
I will gladly help anyone with problems (as I have done, time and time again in the xda forums).
I've worked very hard to try to make the installation work for everyone, however, for some it won't. Please follow the instructions carefully, and if you get problems post on the Xda forum and I will help resolve your issue.

the Sense Facebook Tab free for Pocket PC

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