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» SensorLock

Rating: 5/5
Summary: SensorLock is a device locking application designed for the HTC Touch Diamond amd HTC Touch Pro

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Nov 2, 2008
Found under: Utilities, lock, unlock, sensor, accelerometer, diamond, rotate

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» SensorLock Description
SensorLock is a device locking application designed for the HTC Touch Diamond. It also works on the HTC Touch Pro.

Updated version 0.4.0

The complete list of improvements this release brings:
* Added gesture recorder, gestures can now be user defined.
* When stylus is pulled out when device is asleep, autolock no longer locks the device.
* Autolock everything no longer displays the message to shut down the phone when switching on the phone.
* The notification padlock icon is now optional and may be disabled in the control panel.

SensorLock allows you to lock the device's screen and buttons, thereby preventing random button and screen presses while the device is in your pocket.

Locking and unlocking is simply done by rotating the device around its longest axis (clockwise for locking and counter-clockwise for unlocking) and can be done in any program (Media Player, TomTom etc) without disrupting normal device operation.

Watch the video below for a demonstration (video refers to version 0.1, current version has auto-lock on suspend)

the SensorLock free for Pocket PC

Made by: CarstenSorensen

» Comments

Fri-8-Oct at 6:17 am
Gemma Locks wrote...
This works really well on my Touch, thank you.
Sat-25-Sep at 12:29 pm
Andy wrote...
nice application, works well on HTC HD, however, there is a bug in this apps, i uninstalled it and soon few of contact numbers has replaced with another contact number, for ex - Contact number A has changed to Contact number B but the display shows as Contact Number A. Basically i select to call A and it dials B. When i recieve a call from say D (display shows as D), the actuall call is coming from E. This apps has created a mess of my contact details, i need to re-install my software.
Tue-17-Aug at 6:51 pm
Marko wrote...
nice work
Wed-30-Jun at 5:55 am
Jonas wrote...
when I receive a call, I can answer the answer key, despite the lock is activated. and if I press the top button works the mechanical buttons.
Wed-30-Jun at 5:53 am
Jonas wrote...
a smal bug. när jag blir uppringd kan jag svara på svarsknappen trots låset är aktiverat. och om jag trycker på toppknappen fungerar de mekaniska knapparna. Phone touch Pro
Fri-16-Apr at 8:19 am
andreas trezza wrote...
Crashes on my Diamond II
Sat-27-Feb at 9:43 pm
Paramaanu wrote...
Can it work for Acer 900?
Sun-24-Jan at 8:42 pm
Jezzy wrote...
works well but i prefer the slide lock system than having to rotate my phone one way or another, ok providing you not got gloves on or cold hands, when a quick slide app does it better and faster. Still good app though.
Wed-20-Jan at 4:54 pm
TryReading wrote...
It specifically says HTC Diamond and HTC Touch Pro in the description. NOT the Touch Pro 2.
Thu-17-Dec at 11:53 am
joe wrote...
This is malware, do not install.

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