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» ShantzTodayChanger

Rating: 5/5
Summary: This small tool will cycle your today background / wallpaper after a set interval of time.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Jun 10, 2007
Found under: today screen, background, wallpaper, changer

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» ShantzTodayChanger Description
Timed Wallpaper Cycler
This small tool will cycle your today background / wallpaper after a set interval of time.

1. Make a folder on ur device (preferably not on storage card. Its just 8KB anyways) and extract the ShantzTodayChanger.exe to this folder.
2. Copy the image files that you want to set as ur today background to this folder.
[bold]IMP:The files should be gif and moreover, the size (widthxheight) of the images should be taken care of by you in advanced, otherwise they might be stretched or cropped[/bold]
3. Run the ShantzTodayChanger.exe.
4. This will create two shortcuts in ur folder. startTdyChngr.lnk and stopTdyChngr.lnk.
5. Now just run startTdyChngr.lnk. The default time gap between cycling is 600sec. You can modify the shortcut to choose ur own time (in sec).
6. When you want to stop the cycling, just run stopTdyChngr.lnk.

the ShantzTodayChanger free for Pocket PC

Made by: shantzg001

» Comments

Thu-8-Jul at 9:10 am
meghemanthp wrote...
Fri-31-Jul at 9:46 pm
Virk Saab wrote...
it is not working on my O2 EXEC
Sun-23-Mar at 10:59 pm
Shantanu Goel wrote...
@bin: yes, its possible. give "-c" parameter to shantztodaychanger.exe. For any queries about the app or feature request, bug reports u can go to
Sun-20-Jan at 1:06 pm
Žbin wrote...
is it possible to use this as a way to manually cycle through themes? I don't know, possibly by addressing one of the exe files with an extra parameter?
Fri-19-Oct at 10:55 am
chogan wrote...
how do you modify the shortcut? I tried on the PPC and on XP and can't change the command line.
Sun-7-Oct at 7:47 am
vinay wrote...
hi sou

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