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» Sight-Reading Helper For Guitar

Rating: 2/5
Summary: Sight-Reading Helper For Guitar can help you to improve your sight reading skills.

Arrived: Oct 28, 2010
Found under: Misc, Reference, sight, reader, sound, guitar

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» Sight-Reading Helper For Guitar Description
Sight-Reading Helper For Guitar is a Pocket PC/SmartPhone(with touch screen) application which can help you to learn sight reading. It features a standard guitar fretboard. You can switch between right hand and left hand views. There are three running mode: Learning, Practice and Game. In learning mode, you click on fretboard. The matching note will be displayed on the staff. In practice and game mode, the application will randomly generate notes on the staff and you will find the fret on fretboard. It is a fun way to learn sight reading for guitar player.

Changes in Version 1.1
* Removed bass clef
* Add dots to fretboard
* Add note display when click on a fret

Changes in Version 1.2
* User can choose certain range of notes to practice on
* Added 16 basic open string chords
* Fixed note out of range bug

Note: In this release, we added 16 basic chords. You can even add your own chords by editing the Chords.txt file located in the install directory. There is a PDF file show you how to do it on our web site.

the Sight-Reading Helper For Guitar free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Tue-18-Oct at 2:21 pm
juan spinos wrote...
Sun-6-Feb at 2:30 am
Yoichi wrote...
very bored!
Fri-29-Oct at 6:32 pm
Emiel Bijl wrote...
Works well on htc hd2. does need some future updates, like guitar sounds. unlike the other learn sight reading app, no problem with landscape mode. especially like the chord learn option. tells where to put your fingers for what chord.
Fri-29-Oct at 1:49 pm
alkh wrote...
wouldnt install "not signed trusted cert". any ideas
Wed-27-May at 8:26 am
dotnetideas wrote...
Dana Poindexter, does this happen during the installation or after?
Sun-24-May at 3:35 am
Dana Poindexter wrote...
can't open app. have touch pro. i keep getting 'select destination'.
Sat-9-May at 9:51 am
Joey_K wrote...
Is it with guitar sounds?? The previous version was with piano sounds....
Sun-3-May at 8:51 pm
Doug wrote...
I would purchase if fingering was shown with chord also ie C D E F etc doug
Sat-2-May at 10:00 am
calyx44 wrote...
Seriously, man?...That was Fast !) Changes r Perfect.Piano version just as good.OEM pkg uses little mem. (I can crank out some sick riffs by Ear,but this app shows me I cant read sheet music(fast) for Shite.) This app is teachin me,anyway.again, THANK YOU.
Fri-1-May at 9:51 am
scrybitz wrote...
works good except its still v1.0 and not 1.1. also this info is wrong,(Changes in Version 1.1 * Removed bass clef * Add dots to fretboard * Add note display when click on a fret) its not true!

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