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» Sight-Reading Helper

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Sight-Reading Helper can help you to improve your notes sight reading skills.

Arrived: Oct 28, 2010
Found under: Misc, Reference, sight, reader, piano, sound

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» Sight-Reading Helper Description
Updated version 1.1 fixed the display issue with high resolution devices(480x640, 480x800, etc).

SightReader is simple yet fun PocketPC/SmartPhone(with touch screen) application which can help you to learn sight reading. It features a 60-key configurable keyboard with sound. There are three running mode: Learning, Practice and Game. In learning mode, you click on keyboard. The matching note will be displayed on the staff. In practice and game mode, the application will randomly generate notes on the staff and you will find the key on the keyboard. It is a fun way to learn sight reading.

the Sight-Reading Helper free for Pocket PC

Made by: DotNetIdeas

» Comments

Fri-10-Aug at 1:08 am
Martinson wrote...
thank you
Sun-30-Oct at 8:11 pm
patryk96 wrote...
Tue-18-Oct at 2:17 pm
juan spinos wrote...
good great
Sun-3-Jul at 2:46 pm
AxSe Post wrote...
HTC HD2 WM65 DE. Piano mit Notenanzeige. Tasten sehr klein. Quer-Modus möglich, Tasten dann grösser. Quer-Modus bleibt fixiert wodurch der Heutebildschirm und andere Programm nicht mehr funktionieren. Man muss immer wieder in Hoch-Modus zurück schalten.
Thu-28-Apr at 4:40 am
Rory Mcilroy wrote...
cool hd2
Thu-9-Dec at 12:55 pm
TOMAS SOTO wrote...
Hi NIck! I need some help. My HTC dont catch satellite signal. Which is the COM port and the Baudie rate? Thank you.
Thu-9-Dec at 12:51 pm
TOMAS SOTO wrote...
It works very well in the HTC Touch Pro 2. I like it.
Sat-16-Oct at 12:12 pm
hick wrote...
i cant even start the download. "check internet connection" everytime i select the download button. SUX!
Sat-28-Aug at 11:31 am
Pam Vos wrote...
Irotated the screen and it froze my htv hd2 in landscape
Fri-30-Jul at 4:28 am
alexis wrote...
hd2 located in games. its okay. very limited. not worth it. after use of it, it freezes my screen sideways making me restart my phone. needs bugs iorned out

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