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» SmallMenu v3.19

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Summary: SmallMenu is a Pocket PC software which integrates task manager and cascading program launcher. You can execute, switch and close programs by SmallMenu. Execution of SmallMenu will bring up an integrated menu which contains task list with icons and cascading program menus. ...

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Arrived: Feb 1, 2006
Found under: Utilities, Task

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» SmallMenu v3.19 Description
SmallMenu is a Pocket PC software which integrates task manager and cascading program launcher. You can execute, switch and close programs by SmallMenu.

Execution of SmallMenu will bring up an integrated menu which contains task list with icons and cascading program menus.

Remarkable features of this software include:
- Compact, fast, light weight.
- Shows task and program icons including Pocket Outlook icons for which other task managers could not show task icons.
- Non stylus operations such as executing, switching and closing programs can be achieved if the program is assigned to a hardware button.
- Cascading program menus.
- Easy custom program launch menu configuration.
- Battery status can be displayed on the Navigation bar. (except PPC 2000)
- Easy battery monitor icon configuration. (except PPC 2000)

Easy one-handed task management operation can be achieved with the Action Control of your Pocket PC.

When assigning SmallMenu to a hardware button, for example, to record button, you can push the button to pop up SmallMenu and choose the desired program/task by rocking up/down the action control.

SmallMenu shares its executable with SmallMenuPlus which is a shareware. Thus trial message appears in its execution time. To stop the trial message, that is, to use the executable as SmallMenu, please tap SmallMenu > Settings... from the main menu of SmallMenu to pop up settings dialog, then tap About > Register.... You can see a registration dialog. Please choose SmallMenu in the dialog then tap "OK" button.

Update Description:
- Default installation path has been changed.

- Softkey 1 label was changed to "Notification" at Today screen if SmallMenu battery monitor was displayed. This problem has been fixed.
- SmallMenu no longer closes ActiveSync if the device is connected to Desktop PC and if the device is Windows Mobile 5.
- The battery remaining amount information shown in the battery monitor balloon is now present even if the device is charging.
- Added an icon to Settings item in SmallMenu main menu.
- SmallMenu settings now opens the same page the user opened last time.
- SmallMenu slowed down when Telephone or Light Mail program was running on Willcom W-ZERO3. This problem has been fixed.
- SmallMenu now adds icons for Contacts and Light Mail on Willcom W-ZERO3.

- Switching to Calendar or Tasks via SmallMenu shows non working (ok) button on some condition. This problem has been fixed.
- Opening a document from PocketWord, or opening a message from Inbox showed multiple task items. This has been changed to show a single menu item for them. Still PocketExcel document windows are shown independently from its document list window. I left this as it is since users can open multiple documents simultaneously and conveniently from PocketExcel document list window.

- Closing sub menus by left arrow button caused focus going away. This problem was introduced in v3.15. v3.16 fixed the problem.
- The way how SmallMenu closes ActiveSync changed back to a simple way. v3.16 now sends WM_CLOSE to ActiveSync. From v3.12, SmallMenu used a different method to close ActiveSync in order not to close it when ActiveSync is used for communicating with Desktop PC. But the method did not work properly on some devices or on some cases.
- The condition for showing programs on the task list has been slightly changed. v3.16 now shows programs with WS_POPUP style for its main window such as MioMap from MiTAC.

- SmallMenu could not raise Settings Window when Settings Window was closed by WISBar Advance or by Magic Button. Now SmallMenu improved compatibility with these programs and it can raise Settings Window even when it is closed by the programs.
- SmallMenu uses special method for closing ActiveSync since closing ActiveSync is harmful if ActiveSync on Pocket PC communicates with Desktop PC. However, on some system condition, SmallMenu failed to close ActiveSync even when ActiveSync did not communicate with Desktop PC. There still remains the possibility of the failure, but the probability is much reduced.

- SmallMenu has completed compatibility with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC, including VGA screen support.
- Added an option to show file icons instead of window icons in task list.

- SmallMenu has improved compatibility with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC.
- Fixed a problem with tdLaunch, which prevented SmallMenuPlus from showing Pocket PC Settings Window.

- SmallMenuPlus is now able to open the Pocket PC Settings Window. This is an experimental implementation, and is subject to change in future versions.
- Menu item check boxes maintain their checked/unchecked status when they are highlighted in Pocket PC 2002/2003.
- SmallMenuPlus now automatically closes ActiveSync when the user configures 'Close tasks when the number exceeds' to close tasks. Users should note that SmallMenu will not close ActiveSync while a Pocket PC and a Desktop PC are communicating via ActiveSync.

the SmallMenu v3.19 free for Pocket PC (275 KB)

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