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» SmileySMS

Rating: 4/5
Summary: SmileySMS is a plugin for the default MailBox program,and whenever you receive an sms this program shows special notification message.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Arrived: Jul 24, 2008
Found under: SMS, smiles, fun

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» SmileySMS Description


This program is a plugin for default MailBox program, and whenever you receive an SMS this program shows special notification message. And also you can view it the same way in your inbox. This program does not change your SMSes.

- Threaded messaging available for both WM 6.1 and WM6 / WM 5.0 editions.
- Works on Smartphones Windows mobiles standard) and also Pocket PC devices. - Unlike default WM 6.1 threading view,ability to forward,delete specific SMS by simply clicking on its number.
- Shows and displays ANIMATED smilies found in SMS texts in Inbox/Notifications bubbles/Thread views.
- Use smileys in compose forms,and easily send smileys.
- Assign MP3,OGG,WAV,WMA and other popular fileformats as your SMS ring tones.
- Shows pictures of contacts in SMS notification Bubbles/Forms/Threads.
- Fully customizable and skinnable.
- Remove phone number from the title of SMS notification,when the contact is known.
- Replace number in body of delivery report with the name of sender (contact).
- Easier to use menus for working with SMS notifications.
- Support for vibrate and number of seconds to vibrate.
- Bringing a menu for numbers found in your sms:"Send SMS","Save to Contacts", or "call".
- Set Zoom level of notification bubbles.
- All features (including program) are configurable from control panel (Windows Settings).
- Compatible with other sms ring-tone programs like phonealarm.
- WM 5.0 like notifications for WM 2003 users.

To change program settings you have to go to "Settings" or "Control Panel"of your device and in"System" section of it, you'll find SmileySMS settings. If before installing the program you opened the settings,you have to reset the device for settings to show up. Also if you have sent/recieved SMSs before installing program,you have to do reset too!

It is highly recommended that you install this program on your device (not on storage card-but will work also on storage card too!)

For Windows Mobile 5.0 users:
By default (if you install on storage card) program only shows those sms' in inbox with smiley after you have installed the program. But to make it show all you previous smss too,just uncheck and check again "Inbox Smiley Forms" from program settings. You will then be able to see all SMSs with smilies in your inbox (if you install program on your device instead of storage card, hopefully program will work on installation and there is no need for this).

For Windows Mobile 2003 users:
There is some known problems when you forward a message using this program,especially if your message has " or ' in it,the forwarded message then will not contain all its text. So it is better to use copy and paste and using reply instead.

Please download this software here (v1.53 - 464 KB) for Windows Mobile 2003 users.


the SmileySMS free for Pocket PC

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