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» Smoke Tracker

Rating: 5/5
Summary: It is a tool for those who wants to reduce their tobacco consumption or stop smoking by reducing consumption over a period of time

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET Compact Framework 3.5

Arrived: Jan 7, 2010
Found under: health, smoke, cigarettes, quit, stop

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» Smoke Tracker Description
Smoke Tracker is a small program that helps you keep an eye on how much cigarettes you smoke. It is made for people who want's to reduce their tabaco consumption or stop smoking by reducing consumption over a period of time.

It's simple to use, so you wont be bugged by heavy usability. Just run it and click "Got one..." whenever you smoke a cigarette. The overall daily rate is stored in a xml file for each day. By using the calendar navigator you can track how much you smoked on which day.

NOTE: Please make sure you backup your settings.xml and the other xml files before updating!!!

By setting up thresholds you can define audible alerts (2 .wav are included) and the colour of the counter gets red when the threshold exceeds.
Threshold 1 plays "cough.wav", and Threshold 2 plays "smoke-that.wav".
If you have any comments or suggestions for more features, feel free to post here.

If this program helps you reducing your cigarette consumption, feel free to donate some of the money you saved that way ;-)

Visit the Homepage of Smoke Tracker

the Smoke Tracker free for Pocket PC

Made by: c0rnholio

» Comments

Tue-21-Feb at 2:51 pm
Michelle Chase wrote...
it cuts down on my smoking
Mon-28-Jun at 6:32 pm
kyle wrote...
Kinda like having a second wife telling you what to do, or in this case what not to do. It bitches at ya if you smoke to much. Too funny. It makes you stop
Sun-9-May at 4:29 pm
Jon Piercy wrote...
HD2 good. Motivational tool.
Thu-25-Mar at 10:16 am
john perry wrote...
Not working htc hd2
Sun-7-Mar at 5:28 am
Peter wrote...
HD2. Works ok. Nice app. Simple UI.
Sat-30-Jan at 9:28 am
Daniel Rapp wrote...
Nice app, definitely useful. Saw a similiar app on win market that costs $10. This one does pretty much the same thing. A keeper for sure!
Sat-9-Jan at 5:58 pm
Homeless Old Phart wrote...
You need a way to enter partial smokes. It's rare you find a complete one behind the bar.
Fri-8-Jan at 1:39 pm
usman wrote...
very good
Thu-12-Nov at 7:00 am
aYu wrote...
Installed on my Touch HD GREAT APP!! Helped me monitor my intakes and reducing it..Thanks !
Wed-19-Aug at 3:44 pm
The Testing Guy wrote...
Interesting... very nice.

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