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» SMS Reports Eraser

Rating: 5/5
Summary: This is a simple small program, who can erase, so called: delivery report, automatically after the selected time.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: Jul 15, 2008
Found under: SMS, reports, erase, manager

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» SMS Reports Eraser Description
If you use SMS message option: Request delivery notification, you probably quick notice, you have to delete all such reports manually. What could be quite hard, if you send many messages.

This program will do it automatically.

You can set the time, when it will erase reports, after the last one you've got. Additionally, this program can announce the delivery notification with a special sound, at your will.
In this case, you don't need look on screen, and turn the backlight on, because you hear the notification.

the SMS Reports Eraser free for Pocket PC

Made by: JGUI

» Comments

Sat-29-Aug at 2:50 am
Martin wrote...
After purchasing the program are required to send the numbers generated by telephone to email the creator. Within three working days to come activation key. ... I'm already a week and no response, this is not serious ...
Tue-5-May at 10:12 pm
steven wrote...
The main purpose is to erase automatically but he needs us to purchase in order to register successfully even though he put at so possible it is a spyware . I have uninstalled from my mobile since then.
Tue-5-May at 9:41 pm
steven wrote...
everyone, including me, has realised that it IS NOT FREEWARE . the author has not been defending over freeware since year 2008 as you can see from the comments that he replied on other issue on 13 Aug 2008 . i tried last year and this year. I have even seen "Actually, this program is freeware." at . When I emailed him, he replied "Where have you bought the license ?" Try for yourself.
Thu-23-Apr at 11:53 pm
Dutch Schultz wrote...
This app work on my HTC Touch HD! BUT IS NOT FREEWARE and not woking any more. I requested ID and they tell me that I need buy this app. I was uninstall it.
Tue-26-Aug at 10:34 am
ImStupidButYourWorse wrote...
It does not delete the message send notifiction, you need a tweak program for that. But if you have enabled a delivery report (You need a program to enable that), It will delete the delivery report a few minutes after you recive one
Wed-13-Aug at 3:19 pm
JGUI wrote...
please check the newest version directly from this program does not erase messages (reports only) from your Sent folder, but from Inbox, after a while. also I added options to hide "message sent" notification.
Tue-22-Jul at 1:20 pm
crude wrote...
how to you remove this application from your Pocket Pc . i try the add/remove function still unlucky .
Mon-21-Jul at 4:50 pm
almeluiial wrote...
this program erase messages your phone company send to you to inform that the person to whom you sent a message recieved it!it is an optional and cost like another message!
Sat-19-Jul at 2:46 am
apogeu wrote...
dont work with my HTC kaiser...
Sat-19-Jul at 1:36 am
Panagiotis wrote...
@meckah They are talking about the sent report message that stays in your text messages' inbox. I hope it works.

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