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» SMS Tweaker v1.0

Rating: 4/5
Summary: Application for changing the default SMS mode to Threaded mode

Windows Mobile

Arrived: Apr 30, 2008
Found under: sms, manager, tweaks

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» SMS Tweaker v1.0 Description
This application is to change from Threaded Mode from-to Normal Mode. To active your mode, press on the red button to make it blue (Blue button means the selected mode is active).

the SMS Tweaker v1.0 free for Pocket PC

Made by: PPC Master

» Comments

Mon-26-Apr at 8:38 am
zahraaalhameed wrote...
هلو حبي اشلونج
Mon-12-Oct at 2:21 am
Evan wrote...
Actually this worked on my WM5 treo 700wx. I haven't got a chance to see if 'threading' works actually. I was mainly interested in removing the cap at 160 chars, which this did. Thanks to PPC master
Thu-12-Feb at 6:47 am
Solomon wrote...
It's not working for my wm6 HTC p3400i
Tue-29-Jul at 5:13 am
prakash wrote...
Sun-29-Jun at 9:54 pm
James wrote...
I have windows mobile 6.1 offical rom and it already has theareded text so why would u want to install this app
Tue-27-May at 4:45 am
Vaske wrote...
johny 5 dont bullshit people. You can install excellent wm6.1 roms which you can find on xda developers forum. Yes, they have integrated threated sms feature. Storry about basement boys leave for somebody else.
Sun-18-May at 12:21 am
johny 5 wrote...
you guys are all wasting your time with this app.. its only for wm6.1. however, all of the people got it from cooked roms, aka homemade by some guy that lives with his mom in a basement, and those r not very good at all. They void your warranties. wm6.1 has been released to carriers for them to make adjustments and then release them to there customers when they are finished. I suggest you wait on the official rom if your looking to update.
Fri-16-May at 3:04 pm
PPC Master wrote...
It work only with WM6.1 guys..!!
Tue-13-May at 11:58 am
Kai McCoy wrote...
Does any know people with WM5 can get WM6 upgrade so we can use this program properly?
Wed-7-May at 9:16 pm
Shaun wrote...
running new sprint Mogul & this does not work

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