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» Snowed In 6 - Deep Freeze

Rating: 3/5
Summary: It's FREE-zing! Celebrate Xmas 2007 with Clickgamer.comís new DEEP FREEZE game. Download this free game and help us combat climate change.

Windows Mobile 2003
Windows Mobile 2003SE
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Windows Mobile 6 Classic

Arrived: Dec 21, 2007
Found under: games, puzzle, christmass, snow

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» Snowed In 6 - Deep Freeze Description
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a new edition of Snowed In ! Now in its 6th Year! Snowed In 6 Ė Deep Freeze is THE definitive Christmas game.

Help us reach 1,000,000 downloads before 15th January 2008 and clickgamer will donate USD10,000 to a non-profit climate change organisation. Let's 'play' our little part in stopping global climate change this winter!


Enjoyed by gamers worldwide - the Snowed-in series has been downloaded over 500,000 times. Christmas wonderland is frozen over this Christmas - Help Santa assemble all his goodies.

Snowed In 6 is free from Nov 15th 2007 to Jan 15th 2008. Get festive now, bump up the Christmas spirit and join the global high score board this Christmas.

Snowed In 6 - Deep Freeze Features :

# New super fluid game engine built using EDGELIB
# Extremely addictive gameplay
# Two game modes - Timed (for advanced users) and Easy (for beginners)
# You can swap vertically, horizontally and also diagonally
# Continuous frenzied play - don't wait for the action to settle
# Bonus eye-candy action
# Festive Christmas music and sound effects
# Hint system if you get stuck
# Minimise functionality
# Submit your score and represent your country!
# grab your free key here!

the Snowed In 6 - Deep Freeze free for Pocket PC

Made by: ClickGamer

» Comments

Thu-19-Nov at 12:11 pm
mee wrote...
mine says wrong resolution
Fri-14-Mar at 11:23 pm
trb92110 wrote...
This my greatest peeve on this website! Do NOT list your application as "Mobi-Friendly" if it requires a PC and Active-Synch to install! Put it in a CAB!!!
Fri-14-Mar at 11:21 pm
trb92110 wrote...
no longer FREE!!!! offer has expired
Sat-2-Feb at 11:49 am
Allan wrote...
Great game!! And it's really addictive!
Mon-28-Jan at 5:17 am
Muratkhan wrote...
It gives wrong resolution error on my PPC (My res is 480◊800)
Sat-5-Jan at 1:03 pm
WillardZ wrote...
You need to run the .exe on your PC with the PPC connected to ActiveSync. The will be loaded by the installer.
Wed-26-Dec at 4:22 am
Ingrid wrote...
Yes I have the same problem....I have a htc P3300 with WM6 and its also says that it isn't a valid ppc app. Can this problem be solved, the game looks so great!
Sat-22-Dec at 1:41 pm
hoho wrote...
doesn't work on my htc touch p3450 apparently its not a valid pocket pc app.

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