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» Sound Delay Calculator

Rating: 3/5
Summary: Simple calculator that will calculate the delay time for your speaker delays in milliseconds. This program was created to be used by sound designers and audio engineers.


Arrived: Aug 27, 2010
Found under: audio, theater, theatrical sound, sound design, delay calculator

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» Sound Delay Calculator Description
This simple application calculates the delay time between speakers. Simply measure from your base point speakers to each delay speaker. Enter the distance and press calculate and it will tell you the delay time in milliseconds. You can set your preferences to US or Metric measurements. This application requires the .NET framework.

Changelog v1.1
~Added Metric Support

Changelog v1.4
~Adjusted calculator to factor in air temperature for a more accurate delay time
~Fixed a bug where cm seemed to be off by a few 100s of a millisecond

Changelog v1.5
~Added number buttons so you don't have to use your keyboard
~Updated the screenshot

the Sound Delay Calculator free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-31-Aug at 5:21 am
vicky soni wrote...
nic app
Fri-13-Aug at 7:35 pm
acidangel111 wrote...
thats because you cant read obviously. it requires .net 3.5cf to run. you havd 1.1 by default on your wm6.1 device.
Fri-13-Aug at 2:46 pm
utz wrote...
Delaytime / speed of sound is dependant on temperature of air!
Tue-10-Aug at 10:14 am
stef wrote...
Hi its an nice app. But can you provide the distance in meter. Now it is only feet and inches. thanks :)
Sun-8-Aug at 10:58 pm
Austin Breeding wrote...
mk jh jun myh
Sun-8-Aug at 7:25 pm
Thomas Naran wrote...
Thanks, good suggestion. Metric support will be added and the updated version will be released soon.
Sat-7-Aug at 4:10 pm
Kevin wrote...
Good idea. It would be nice if you moved to metric like the rest of the world.
Sat-7-Aug at 3:24 pm
RBear wrote...
Will not install on my htc Touch, 6.1

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