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» Stickers

Rating: awaiting 3 votes
Summary: Exchange stickers without paper and pencil

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 or higher Resolution 240x320 or higher .NET CF 2.0 or higher

Arrived: May 1, 2010
Found under: stickers, panini, football, collection

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» Stickers Description

Stickers for Mobile

Collect stickers with ease

If you like collecting stickers, then this is an application for you. All you need is a Windows Mobile phone, and you can forget about paper and pencil troubles.


the Stickers free for Pocket PC

» Comments

Wed-9-Jun at 4:43 pm
Alex wrote...
Sat-8-May at 5:24 pm
Tihomir wrote...
Some of the ideas for improvment: printing numbers of missing stickers; sending missing sticker numbers/doubles via email/bluetooth...; refresh menu item is missing/so you have to use either page change or toggle missing stickers flag twice to refresh; direct jump to a particular page would come handy, etc
Sat-8-May at 5:09 pm
Tihomir wrote...
As I said I did it during one afternoon, because I needed it. I didn't have any problem with any kind of status bars (resolution 240x320) on my HTC Touch (an old one). I used it heavily, and now I have only 1 sticker (Fifa 2010) missing (everything collected manually using this app). I simply didn't have time to make additional logic for 000 and 00 stickers; usually you know if you have them or not. Finally, of course it can be much better (although I don't have motivation at the moment, as I have all the stickers collected, maybe in 2 years :-) just joking, if there is interest, it can be improved earlier. How do you make WinMo apps you asked? Don't get the point of this question.
Fri-7-May at 11:48 pm
Alex wrote...
The idea is wonderful and perfect; the implementation is terrible. At least on the HTC Touch2 Pro. The first row is half blocked by the status bar and the buttons themselves are tiny. Not to mention it's missing stickers 000, 00 and 0. How do you make WinMo apps? I wouldnt mind helping out polish this app.
Wed-5-May at 12:12 am
Chris wrote...
I dont collect stickers, but it seems like a useful tool if you do, don't go calling someone a retard when they are so obviously not, can you write programs you child. this is all good work.
Tue-4-May at 4:34 pm
Andres Belzeebub wrote...
If this app is not for you, then don't download it and instead go find one that fit your needs instead. There is no need to berate the creator of the app because the app is not for you.
Mon-3-May at 2:20 am
eejee wrote...
The nice thing about internet that there is plenty of room for every niche. Still maybe it is a good idea to position this app to manage collections or countings in general, not just stickers; handy as long as the items themselves don't demand specific descriptions.
Mon-3-May at 2:18 am
Tihomir wrote...
OK, this was already rude. If you don't do something, please don't say that the people doing it are retards
Sun-2-May at 8:21 pm
austin bowden wrote...
no one cares about collecting stickers. who ever made this is a retard. make something with value. take the time and make some that all htc users can use and has a good reason for even being made!
Sun-2-May at 8:34 am
foryoshi wrote...
oki, Panini collector book :p

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