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» Sudoku Mobile

Rating: 4/5
Summary: An ideal app for those who love solving Sudoku! Features many levels, possibility to enter your own, save/load game state, 2 themes and much more.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6.x

Arrived: Aug 20, 2009
Found under: games, sudoku, mind, vga, qvga, wvga, wqvga

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» Sudoku Mobile Description
Best Windows Mobile Free Game 2009 Current version: v0.8a

An ideal app for those who love solving Sudoku!

- 10 different levels - each of them has 3 games
- possibility to edit current levels or add new ones
- pause/save/load game state (autosave too)
- highscores for each level
- 2 colour themes
- solving and check function (algorithm needs improvements though)
- alternative colour input (editable)
- gives much fun :)

the Sudoku Mobile free for Pocket PC

Made by: Kamill

» Comments

Wed-17-Oct at 6:46 am
arun wrote...
super game
Mon-23-May at 1:42 pm
jade lovell wrote...
this is so cool i love it
Wed-6-Apr at 7:15 am
Jaremy wrote...
overall this program is ok. There is an unsolvable puzzle in level 10 that confounded me until I tested it in a solver and discovered it to have duplicates. One feature I'd like to see is a helper that highlights all cells containing a particular number (including pencil marks).
Tue-28-Dec at 10:07 pm
felicia ries wrote...
a very interesting game for sudoku lovers some may be a little challenging
Sun-12-Dec at 6:59 pm
Nenkarwon Doelakeh wrote...
Sat-25-Sep at 11:29 am
Giati wrote...
figured it out the 3 in top right is supposed to be a 2 but when u reset the game it changed to 2
Sat-25-Sep at 11:06 am
Giati wrote...
has anyone else noticed that some of the boards r not done right example the first 3x3 block theres no 2 and when i add the 2 and check it its wrong so i added 2 in all the blocks and still wrong who ever made this need to make sure its done right
Fri-3-Sep at 7:02 pm
daniela wrote...
Fri-3-Sep at 6:57 pm
daniela wrote...
Sun-29-Aug at 12:08 am
Sumanth M V wrote...
creates lot of files in system folder, like autosav data. can can you plz put ask this data in the installationfolderitself...

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